WE2 – An empowering curriculum

Our challenge is to promote a broad, empowering and creative curriculum, focusing on times of transition, and prioritising vulnerable groups:

  • Education Entitlement Team
  • Closing the Gap Board
  • Corporate Parenting Panel
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Board
  • RISE Board

WE2(a) Education Entitlement Team

The wellbeing of learners currently missing education will improve as will their educational outcomes.

By September 2019, all children and young people of school-age will have a suitable educational placement, and will be enjoying their learning. We will support children and young people who find conventional schooling difficult so that they can still achieve their potential.

Fair Access Protocol Steering Group

Each local authority must have a Fair Access Protocol (School Admissions Code 2012) that is agreed with the majority of schools in its area. The Protocol is required to ensure that, outside the normal admissions round (“in year”), unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are offered a place as quickly as possible.

The purpose of the Fair Access Protocol Steering Group is to:

  • consult on the Fair Access Protocol
  • oversee the administration of the Protocol
  • review and evaluate the effectiveness of the Protocol

The current Fair Access Protocols for primary and secondary can be found on changing schools page.

Current membership

Membership for the Primary Fair Access Protocol Steering Group is to be confirmed.

Secondary Fair Access Protocol Steering Group

School Name
North Leamington School Joy Mitchell
The Avon Valley School Alison Davies
Higham Lane School Phil Kelly
The Polesworth School Maura Favell
The Queen Elizabeth Academy Dan Watts
Henley School Steve Jeffries
King Edward VI Grammar School Bennet Carr

Area Behaviour Partnerships (ABPs) Steering Group

The key purpose of this group is to ensure the secondary ABPs provide support to all young people who have been permanently excluded or are at high risk of exclusion from school.
The group will:

  • make strategic decisions on behalf of each area partnership
  • challenge and monitor the use of funding
  • monitor the outcomes of young people who have been permanently excluded from school
    • Terms of Reference to be confirmed
    • Meeting Dates:18 September 2018 (further dates to be confirmed)
    • Contact: To be confirmed

WE2(b) Closing the Gap Board

The gaps between the achievements of learners eligible for pupil premium: and those of their peers, will narrow, particularly at age 11 and 16.

We will celebrate the achievement of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding and we will give those who need it, extra support to catch up. We will check this on an annual basis.

In 2015 Warwickshire implemented a Closing the Gap Strategy which will now be reviewed and updated so it is in line with the new Education Strategy. This will include a review of the terms of reference of the Closing the Gap Board, which was set up to support the delivery of the Closing the Gap strategy.

  • Meeting Dates: 3 October 2018, 5 December 2018, 27 February 2019, 19 June 2019
  • Contact: Sophie Thompson, [email protected]

Current membership

Job title/Representing Name
Intervention, Data and Project Management Officer, WCC Sophie Thompson
Senior School Improvement Officer, WCC Margot Brown
Strategic Lead, Learning and Performance, WCC Hayley Good
Schools and Settings Partnership Mananger, WCC Sarah Tregaskis
Headteacher, Nathanial Newton Infant School, (primary school rep) Julie Foreshew
Warwickshire SEND Board Development Manager WCC Ross Caws
Family Learning Programme Manager, ACL Jan Lennon
Cabinet Portfolio Holder, Education and Learning, WCC Councillor Colin Hayfield
Assistant Director Education Services, WCC Chris Malone
Head of Widening Participation, University of Warwick (HE rep) Paul Blagburn
Headteacher Virtual School, WCC Deena Moorey
Commissioning Intelligence Manager, WCC Julie Robottom
Lead Officer Transfer Round 11+ Testing, Appeals Amy Taylor
Director of Schools, Re-engagement & SEND, Warwickshire College (FE rep) Louise Ball
Lead Practitioner for Early Help Emma Walker
Headteacher, North Leamington School (Secondary rep) Joy Mitchell
Commissioning Lead, Children’s Public Health, WCC Kate Sahota
School Governance Manager, WCC Sue Casey
Children Missing their Educational Entitlement Project Lead, WCC Sarah Dalli
Executive Head of Centre: Bedworth Heath & Atherstone Maintained Nursery Schools and Warwickshire Teaching School Alliance (Early Years rep) Amanda King

WE2(c) Corporate Parenting Panel

The Corporate Parenting Panel has been established to secure elected member and cross organisation support and commitment for delivering improved services and better outcomes for Children who are Looked After, young people and care leavers. The Panel is chaired by Councillor Jeff Morgan.

WE2(d) Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Board

The purpose of the Board is to deliver WE(d) of the Education Strategy, that:
Learners with SEND will be able to succeed in schools and settings close to home, and they will be supported towards becoming independent and employable. We will continue to increase the number of high quality places in Warwickshire special and mainstream schools and settings. We will ensure that legal requirements for SEND assessments are met.

The SEND & Inclusion Board is responsible for:

  • agreeing the SEND & Inclusion Strategy and Delivery Plan, and monitoring progress against this plan
  • maintaining a co-produced SEND local area self-evaluation and address areas identified for improvement, as part of our continuous improvement and preparation for inspection
  • monitoring the use of financial resources (SEND Grant, High Needs Block, other local authority expenditure on SEND teams)
  • monitoring performance across the SEND system through a SEND & Inclusion dashboard
  • considering reports from the Designated Clinical Officer for SEND
  • ensuring co-production from learners and parents/carers is evidenced at individual and strategic levels
    • Meeting Dates: 4 July 2019, 12 September 2019, 17 October 2019, 11 December 2019
    • Contact: Ross Caws, [email protected]

Current membership

Job title/Representing Name
WCC Assistant Director for Education Services (Chair) Ian Budd
WCC Strategic Lead for SEND & Inclusion Jane Carter
Special School Headteacher Nicola Wells
Primary School Headteacher (Mainstream) Matthew Bown
Secondary School SENCO Donna Elliot
NHS Designated Clinical Officer David Widdas / Julie Brotherton
NHS Clinical Commissioning Group representatives Jo Dillon & Marianne Smith
WCC Public Health Helen King
SENDIAS Stephanie Dugmore
WCC Children’s Social Care John Coleman
WCC Children with disabilities team Matt Greenhalgh
WCC Children’s Commissioning Kate Harker
SEND Board Development Manager Ross Caws
Warwickshire Parent Carer Forum  

WE2(e) RISE Board

The RISE Board, also referred to as the Children and Young People’s Mental Health (CYPMH) Strategic Partnership Board, will provide strategic oversight to the commissioning of children and young people’s emotional well-being and mental health services in Warwickshire.

Reporting to the Warwickshire Children’s Joint Commissioning Board, the RISE Board provides oversight for children’s emotional well-being and mental health provision in Warwickshire, ensuring that this is in line with national policy and local direction of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Warwickshire County Council.

It will ensure that partners are well positioned to meet emerging requirements from national guidance and laws, and local agenda and priority setting for the CCGs and the Council.

  • Terms of Reference to be confirmed
  • Meeting Dates: 13 September 2018, 30 October 2018(further dates to be confirmed)
  • Contact: Louise Birta, [email protected]