The Minerals Local Plan (1995) identifies areas of the county where significant mineral resources occur and where there would be least planning objection to possible workings.

The County Council has a statutory duty to prepare a Local Plan for minerals. The Minerals Local Plan was adopted in 1995. Although pre-2004 adopted Local Plans are due to be replaced with Local Development Frameworks, the Warwickshire Mineral Local Plan was saved until September 2007. It will be replaced by a Minerals Development Framework in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004).

The County Council made a case to the Secretary of State to save a number of policies from the saved Minerals Local Plan beyond September 2007. Details of the policies saved beyond the 28th September 2007 are provided below together with the direction from the Secretary of State.

The Minerals Development Framework (MDF) emerging Minerals Plan is currently being prepared. Once that is adopted, it will replace the saved Minerals Local Plan policies as the principal development plan document for considering minerals proposals in Warwickshire.