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8-Digital - 8-Digital Outdoor Wellness and Team Building

Our project aims to bring the team together to strengthen relationships and provide a strong foundation of mental health support within the company. To achieve this, we will be taking our employees on a team building getaway with activities designed to help them gain new skills, nurture relationships, and provide respite from the realities of working from home as a result of the pandemic. We will also be investing in a range of online classes to provide team members with practical skills that can be nurtured in order to improve the lifestyle of those still working from home.

Pentlands Accounts and Advisors - Wellbeing for the Pentlands Team

Our aim is to sustain a balanced, open and supportive culture, that provides, guidance, tools and the skills to support the teams mental, emotional, and physical health positively and holistically. This funding has enabled us to create a 12-month programme of health and wellbeing coaching and training to address mindfulness, strategies for positive mental health, building resilience, the importance of food nutrition and group workout sessions.

Tutor In A Box - Wellbeing Project for TIAB

Over the next 12 months we will supporting staff by providing a range of corporate wellness workshops to understand and embrace health and wellbeing as part of our daily lives. Alongside delivering a range of activities including yoga, mindfulness and movement sessions as well as increasing staff’s fruit consumption to contribute to a healthy diet.