North Warwickshire

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Baddesley Ensor PC - Baddesley Ensor Community Allotment

Project Baddesley Ensor Community Allotment is the creation of five raised beds and a seating area to create a community area with disabled access, delivered by volunteers. The raised beds will be offered to all residents who have mobility challenges either through age or disability. The integral seating area will be a community area where we will encourage all residents to come and sit on our ‘friendship’ benches in the knowledge that that will be welcome and amongst friends. We will work with the local GP practice to develop the project as a ’social prescribing’ intervention, and our village school and community library.

For more information contact- David Reilly email: or 07939385229.

Lea Marston PC - Lea Marston Community Village Green

Our project is the creation of a village green orchard and boule pit in the heart of our community. The project will be delivered by volunteers and will include community seating and a notice board. The seating and the boule pit are located in the heart of Lea Marston and is already attracting great community interest and engagement both to deliver the project, and being commonly recognised as a ‘friendship’ place to meet. Prior to this project there were no ‘community’ meeting places in the village, and as a village without a church, a pub, or a village hall, we have for too long been a collection of residents and not the community we want to be. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy our boule pit, and to challenge Lea Marston to an inter-village competition.

For more information contact- David Reilly on or 07939385229.