Warwickshire Road Safety Club

The Warwickshire Road Safety Club is an important element of Road Safety Warwickshire and has many links to the National Curriculum. It targets both pre-school and primary school children and comprises road safety initiatives targeting children from birth to 11 years. The aim of The Club is to ensure that every child in Warwickshire has the opportunity to learn fundamental road safety skills appropriate for their age group, and for us to provide information and guidance to parents/carers and teachers. The Club is offered to schools as a complete package or as individual initiatives on a Buy as You Need basis. From September 2015 some road safety packages and Buy as You Need services will be chargeable. The Club consists of the following initiatives:

Car Seat Clinics

Target audience: Parents/carers of babies and pre-school children (0 – 3 years). Activity: Car seat checks are located at local supermarkets across Warwickshire. The checks are carried out by an experienced child car seat professional and assistant. The Law: All children under the age of 13 or under the height of 150cm should be correctly restrained in a vehicle. Objective: To check that car seats are appropriate for the car, that they are fitted correctly and are appropriate for the age/weight of the child. To give advice and support to parents/carers.

Warwick the Bear

Target audience: Pre-school children (3-4 years), nursery and pre-school practitioners, parents/carers and reception children (4-5 years). Activity: Warwick the Bear roadshow – a 20 minute show with songs, stories and puppets giving simple road safety messages – stop, look, listen. A ‘Big’ reading book for teachers and a small book for each child to take home. Posters and a song CD for nursery/pre-school settings. Objective: To provide parents/carers and teachers with materials to help them begin teaching road safety to very young children in a safe and secure environment.

Ruby &Jack

Target audience: Reception children (4 – 5 years). Activity: Experienced School Crossing Patrols give a short presentation about their job and their uniform and explain how to behave when using a school crossing patrol point. A 20 minute presentation using songs, stories, puppets and dressing up. A `Big’ reading book is provided for teachers with a ‘Small’ book for each child to take home. We also provide posters and a song CD for use in the classroom. Objective: To encourage children to use school crossings patrols in the correct manner and to pass on their knowledge to others.

Kerb Wise

Target audience: Key Stage one children (5 – 7 years). Activity: A team of trained Co-ordinators organise and run Kerb Wise courses with the help of volunteers from the school (parents/carers, TA’s, school governors etc). Each course comprises practical car park/roadside pedestrian training sessions on a 1:2 ratio with children. Teachers have the opportunity to use the Kerb Wise resource box whilst Co-ordinators are out with small groups of children. Each child receives a certificate at the end of the course. Objective To teach children basic road safety awareness and to encourage them to pass on what they have learnt to their parents.

Junior Road Safety Officer

Target audience: Year 6 children (10 – 11 years). Activity: Schools sign up to the scheme and recruit up to two JRSOs from year 5. When the children reach year 6, the JRSO’s are then responsible for organising activities in their school to promote and encourage other children to learn about road safety through: Keeping a school noticeboard. Organising competitions. Themed presentations in assemblies. Setting a good road safety example. Objective: JRSO’s take responsibility for passing on basic road safety messages to their peers. This keeps road safety in the minds of children throughout the school year. Monthly newsletters and adult co-ordinators support and motivate the JRSO’s in their role. Co-ordinators visit schools throughout the year.

Road Safety Officer Resource

Target audience: Key Stage one and Key Stage two children (5 – 11 years). Activity: A Road Safety Officer (RSO) visits schools on request with a portfolio of activities. The RSO can deliver bespoke lessons, assemblies or practical training, as required by schools and which link to the National Curriculum. Objective: To promote and support schools in teaching road safety. To provide advice and materials to teachers and parents/carers as required.

Warwickshire Road Safety Club was last updated on August 6, 2015.