Warwickshire Road Safety Club

Warwickshire road safety club


The number of children killed or seriously injured in Warwickshire road accidents has reduced significantly over the years, and is better than the national average. However, we believe it is vital to begin educating children and their parents from an early age to continue this trend.

The Warwickshire Road Safety Club provides the opportunity for every child in Warwickshire to learn fundamental road safety skills appropriate for their age group, and our aim is to raise children’s road safety awareness, and to encourage teachers and parents/carers to:

  • Be responsible for setting examples of good road safety practice from a very early stage in a child’s development
  • Have confidence to apply what they know
  • Cascade what they know to others especially parents/carers

In return, Road Safety Warwickshire will:

  • Ensure that they have the information and tools to be able to do the above effectively
  • Provide help and advice
  • Regularly review initiatives and act upon feedback

We believe that good road safety practice begins as soon as children start school. It is an ideal time for learning new skills and influencing behaviour by effective and practical learning. The Warwickshire Road Safety Club is an exciting concept that mixes established themes with a new way of presenting ideas to children – and as part of this approach, we encourage the whole school, parents and local community to become interested, informed and involved.

Every school signing up to the Club has an experienced and dedicated Road Safety Officer, who liaises with the Headteacher, teachers and the school office and delivers all road safety sessions throughout the school year.

The Club runs around an annual programme – this allows us to spread road safety messages over the school year, and provides advance notice about what is happening and when. Road Safety Officers may spend a couple of hours, half a day or a whole day in your school 2 to 3 times a year to complete all elements of the Club.

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