Assessed walking routes


Between 23 June and 17 September 2015 Warwickshire County Council (WCC) embarked on a consultation regarding changes to the Home to School Transport Policy. 6493 letters were sent out to parents of which 1746 children were identified as receiving free transport due to the home to school route deemed as ‘dangerous’. WCC also consulted with schools, colleges, elected members, district and borough councils, diocesan authorities, neighbouring authorities and Warwickshire’s Passenger Transport Executive. Over 1100 responses were received by the Local Authority (LA) regarding the consultation.

On 08 October 2015 Cabinet considered the responses to the consultation and accepted the majority of the recommendations put forward. One of the items agreed by members was with immediate effect the revised process for assessing the safety of walking routes is used to re-assess all walking routes to / from schools and pick-up points currently considered to be unsafe, and that the same process is used to assess all new applications for transport on dangerous route grounds. Where a route is reclassified as safe, free transport will continue to be provided until the end of the academic year the reclassification is determined.

In response to elected members approval, colleagues in Traffic and Road Safety began working on routes identified as ‘dangerous’, they commissioned work to be carried using an independent company to assess the most suitable walking routes.

Road Safety Guidance

All assessments are carried out in conjunction with guidance issued by Road Safety (GB) in their document Road Safety GB Guidelines (pdf, 776 Kb)

Walking Assessments

Routes that have been identified as needing capital works to make them safe

Details of walking route assessments will appear in the table below once they are completed.

Hatton Park to Ferncumbe SchoolHatton Park to The Ferncumbe Primary Dangerous Route Assessment (PDF, 1.54 MB)
Long Itchington to Southam CollegeLong Itchington to Southam College Dangerous Route Assessment (PDF, 1.27 MB)

Routes that remain unsafe to walk (no change in classification)

Details of walking route assessments will appear in the table below once they are completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dangerous Routes Frequently Asked Questions (pdf, 61 Kb)

Assessed walking routes was last updated on November 2, 2017.