Training and support


Following approval there are six one day core training courses which you are expected to attend within two years of approval as well as over 30 face to face continual professional development courses available.

You will also have access to distant learning workbooks for core training courses and access to online training of over 50 courses that can be completed at home.

After fostering with Warwickshire County Council for a year, you can apply to pursue a Diploma for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce at Level 3 (formally NVQ).


All foster carers have a fostering social worker who is there to provide advice, guidance, support and supervision. A full induction programme will be arranged when you first start fostering and regular support and supervision is offered throughout your fostering career. Fostering social care workers are also available to provide you with ongoing advice and support.

All foster children have a social worker who will support them and work with their parents, family and foster carers. The social worker is there to ensure that each child has a comprehensive care plan to meet their current and future needs.

Out of hours support is available if you need advice outside of office hours and information on how to access this will be provided to you on approval.

Experienced foster carers are available to provide peer support to you either as mentors or through local foster carer support meetings which you will be invited to attend.

In terms of financial support, foster carers only receive payments when a child is within their care. Payments received per child are:

  • an allowance to cover the costs of caring for a child including clothing and pocket money
  • in addition, Warwickshire has a ‘Payment for Skills’ scheme which you can work towards and receive ‘Skill Level Payments’ once you have met appropriate criteria
  • foster carers for teenagers aged 13+ who attend certain additional training courses can go directly onto the ‘Skill Level 1′ payment level for all teenage placements.

Finances are different for the Emergency, Steps, Solo and Parent and Child schemes please see these sections for further information or call us on FREEPHONE 08004081556

One of our foster carers, Lorna, talks about about why she fosters for Warwickshire.