Tourism strategies

Destination Management Plan

A Destination Management Plan (DMP) is the shared statement of intent to manage a destination over a stated period of time, articulating the roles of the different stakeholders and identifying clear actions that they will take and the apportionment of resources.

VisitEngland sees the development of Destination Management Plans (DMP) throughout England as an essential tool for delivery of a successful visitor economy – equally, National Government policy encourages destination organisations to become focused and efficient bodies – DMPs are one mechanism to achieve this. A structured plan will focus effort, reduce duplication and maximise investment in the right areas, bringing independent and individual partners together to benefit and develop the visitor economy.

VisitEngland outlines that Destination Management is the process of influencing and co- ordinating the management of all aspects of a destination which contribute to a visitor’s experience and is customer focused, taking account of the needs of visitors, local residents, businesses and the environment.

Destination Management Plan, updated 2018 (PDF, 1.05 MB) Destination Management Plan- North Warwickshire and Bosworth (PDF, 185.47 KB)

Visitor Economy Framework 2013-2018

The Warwickshire Visitor Economy Framework was produced in 2012 to provide an overarching framework identifying shared priorities and collaborative interventions by the public and private sectors to grow the visitor economy in Warwickshire.

The Framework covers the period from 2013 to 2018. However, it should be regarded as a flexible document that can be updated and amended as opportunities and circumstances dictate. Warwickshire County Council’s current policy and work programme is based upon the evidence and findings published in the Framework.

The Framework was based on a review of the existing research available on tourism in Warwickshire, and a programme of extensive consultation with key players in and around the county.

The Framework outlines:

  • The situation in Warwickshire;
  • The challenges and opportunities the tourism sector faces;
  • The purpose of the Framework and the aims and target it sets out to achieve;
  • The strategic priorities for growing the county’s visitor economy;
  • An overview of six collaborative action programmes designed to address these strategic priorities;
  • The roles of key organisations in developing and delivering these action programmes.

Visitor Economy Framework 2013-2018 (PDF, 450.51 KB)
Warwickshire Visitor Economy – Forward Plan 2018-2022 (PDF, 61.06 KB)

Visit England Strategic Framework for Tourism

Tourism is one of England’s largest industries. A study of the visitor economy undertaken by Deloitte in 2010 estimates that England’s visitor economy is worth £97 billion in
total. This takes into account both direct contribution through visitor expenditure and indirect contribution, such as capital investment by tourism related businesses.

Visit England Strategic Framework for Tourism (PDF, 922.93 KB)

Warwickshire Tourism Economic Impact Assessment, 2017

The County Council has commissioned an independent assessment of the value of tourism to Warwickshire. The most recent report estimates that some 20,300 jobs depend on the industry and that it generates in excess of £1 billion of business turnover to the local economy.

Warwickshire 2017 Economic Impact Assessment Report (PDF, 642.36 KB)