Tourism event funding

Warwickshire County Council has made available a fund for business and community groups across Warwickshire to support tourism and cultural events aimed at growing the visitor economy. Funding is available for the financial year ending March 2016. An application form can be found at the foot of these notes.

Overview – What types of project will be supported?

We will only fund projects which add value to existing activity. We are looking for innovative projects that have demonstrable support from local businesses, and do the following:

  • Provide an improved offer for visitors;
  • Encourage wider exploration of the Warwickshire countryside;
  • Increase the number of visitors staying overnight;
  • Generate additional visitor spend, and;
  • Encourage repeat visits.

There must be clear evidence of how the event’s impact will be measured to
demonstrate the outputs listed above.

Who can apply?

The list below sets out the types of groups and organisations that may apply. Funding is only available to organisations that are constituted. We cannot accept applications from local authorities.

  • An individual business or groups of businesses;
  • Tourism Associations and Destination Management Organisations;
  • Business Improvements Districts;
  • Town Centre Management Groups;
  • Tourism Groups;
  • Business Network Groups;
  • Groups of business types, such as accommodation, bars/restaurant owners;
  • Events and Festival Organisers;
  • Arts organisations.

How to apply

Complete the application form and return this by email to the County Council (contact details below). All applications will be scored from the information provided in your application form and based on the following criteria:

• Potential to achieve visitor economy benefits outlined in the overview above
• Commitment to measuring event impact
• Evidence of support from the local business community for the project
• Value for money (in relation to cost, quality and sustainability)
• Match funding

All grants are at the discretion of Warwickshire County Council to ensure an equitable distribution across the county.

Tourism Event Funding Guidance and application form 2015-16 (DOCX, 86.39 KB)

Grant award

The normal upper limit for funding applications is £10,000 but we will exceptionally consider bids above this figure.

Applicants will be bound by the terms and conditions of the signed declaration.


The deadline for round 2 applications was Friday 15th January 2016. The scheme will be reviewed in April 2016 and any further calls for bids and news of deadlines will be published here later in the year depending on the availability of funding. All applications are assessed by a panel and you will be notified promptly.

Reporting requirements

All successful applicants will be asked to provide a short final report within 2 months of the event, to include:

• A brief summary of the project
• Evaluation of visitor economy benefits achieved
• Promotional and monitoring activity undertaken
• The level of local business and partnership support/engagement


All marketing information must include the Warwickshire County Council logo, and the County Council must be referenced in any press release.

* Warwickshire County Council reserves the right to alter the budget allocation dependent on take up.

Tourism event funding was last updated on February 17, 2016.