Working with the Third Sector

What is the ‘Third Sector’?

The term ‘Third Sector’ describes a wide range of not for profit groups and organisations which includes charities and Community Interest Companies, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and co-operatives.

Warwickshire County Council has a long standing and valued relationship with the Third Sector (also known as the Voluntary and Community Sector). The Third Sector is skilled and experienced in working directly with communities, and particularly with those of our citizens who are vulnerable or in need.

The variety and spread of the Sector across Warwickshire means that many people benefit from the work it delivers, and these local organisations are trusted and valued by the people who use them.

How we work together

Warwickshire County Council works alongside many Third Sector organisations to deliver services. We have funding agreements with a number of organisations whose services range from care support through to debt advice. We also run a number of grant schemes that support local groups and services.

Planning for the future: The ‘third & public sector partnership group’

The Warwickshire Third and Public Sector Partnership Group has been created to improve the way the sectors work together to support the citizens of Warwickshire. The Group looks at the big picture of how services are funded and delivered. It works to find solutions that reduce the negative impacts of change.

The Group is made up of equal numbers of Third and Public Sector representatives, 24 in total. It meets four times a year.

The 12 Third Sector representatives have been selected by a group of their peers following an application process. Each of them represents a ‘theme’ area, and is in contact with a network of Third Sector groups and volunteers whose interests lie within that theme.

The 12 Public Sector representatives attend on behalf of Public Sector agencies in Warwickshire.

Third Sector representatives will be reviewed every 18 months. This will mean a nomination and election process, with successful candidates being chosen through voting by Warwickshire’s Third Sector.

Public Sector agencies will seek to ensure consistency of attendance by suitably senior representatives of the agency.

We have gathered information from lots of different sources to help us identify areas for improvement. The priorities identified by TPSPG and on which we are focusing are:

  • commissioning and procurement
  • communication and engagement
  • planning a strategic direction across partners
  • working better together
  • preventing the need to use services

The third sector representatives (PDF, 90.71 KB)  who attend TPSPG are there to express the views of groups and communities. If you would like to raise an issue with one of them please contact them.

‘Terms of Reference’ of the TPSPG

Terms of Reference (PDF, 70.38 KB)

Notes from TPSPG meetings

Notes from meeting 23 July 2015 (PDF, 34.19 KB)

Working with the Third Sector was last updated on February 21, 2018.