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The plan

The key themes from engagement and JSNA have been translated into the following six strategic objectives:

  1. All carers in Warwickshire are assisted to identify themselves as carers at an early stage
  2. Carers are able to make informed decisions and exercise choice and control about care and support through the provision of accessible information and advice for themselves and the person they care for
  3. Carers will receive personalised support, both for themselves and the person they care for, enabling them to have a family and community life
  4. Carers will be supported to remain physically and mentally well
  5. Carers will be supported to access the right services, at the right time, in the right place
  6. Carers will be recognised, valued and empowered as “experts” in care.

These are linked to 15 clear outcomes for carers that are set out in “I statements” from the Think Local Act Personal toolkit “Making it Real: Marking progress towards personalised, community–based support”:

  • I have the information and support I need in order to remain as independent as possible
  • I know where to get information and advice
  • I can access information and advice needed to make informed choices about my life
  • I know where to get information about what is going on in my community
  • As a carer, I am supported to balance my caring responsibilities with having a life of my own
  • I have access to a range of support that helps me live the life I want and remain a contributing member of my community
  • My health and wellbeing are promoted at all times
  • I am supported by people who help me make links to my local community
  • I am able to maintain relationships that are important to me and feel part of my community
  • I have a positive experience of support at all times and receive service from friendly, supportive and experienced people
  • I can speak to people who know something about care and support and can make things happen
  • I can plan ahead and keep control in a crisis
  • I have systems in place so that I can get help at an early stage to avoid crisis