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Principle objectives and feedback

Following the completion of an audit, the inspector will verify the level of enforcement. Professional competency will be required as part of the overall process of enforcement.

Once an initial enforcement expectation (IEE) has been reached it will be necessary to apply two tests to arrive at a final decision. The tests will involve a series of questions relating, in the first instance, to the responsible person that will allow the enforcement decision to be verified or modified. Finally, that enforcement decision will be set against a number of strategic factors to either confirm the decision or establish the need for a management review.

The process leads to a confirmed enforcement action that may be subject to a management review where it does not address all the strategic factors or accord with the enforcement policy.


All feedback is welcomed and is important to allow us to monitor and improve our services. Following the completion of an audit, the inspector will issue a postcard inviting comment by way of a short survey.