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The fire safety audit methodology

All hospitals, care homes, hostels, boarding schools, night clubs and hotels will be included in the programmed audit process where they have been judged to have an overall risk score that indicates poor compliance.

All other types of premises will be audited based on societal risk or locally identified specific risk. This will include a minimum yearly audit of 10% of schools and further education establishments, 10% of shops and retail premises, 5% of offices, 3% of factories and warehouses, and 3% of licenced premises, from known premises with a risk score that indicates poor compliance.

All other premises will initially be subject to a pre-inspection information gathering process prior to any audit taking place. This allows an indication of compliance with the FSO to be obtained and thereby allowing a determination as to whether a full audit is required, subject to the minimum yearly audit targets being met from the second paragraph above.

Where no audit has been carried out and little or no information is known the overall risk score will be set to poor compliance.

Premises with a risk score that indicates average compliance or better will be audited by sample only, taking into account available service resources.

This inspection methodology allows the resources of the service to be directed at those areas of highest need and to ensure enforcement is proportional to the risk to the public at large.

The results of the premises audit will be used to determine the final risk score and therefore the next scheduled audit if required.