What we are doing now

Below you will find an overview of the things that we are currently doing to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on global climate change.

Please note, many of these initiatives were in place long before the declaration of a climate emergency in August 2019.

Council Plan 2025 – our commitment to mitigating our effect on climate change

  • As an organisation, we will embed climate change considerations into everything we do, making carbon reduction everyone’s responsibility.
  • Climate change will be considered as part of all council decision making including our capital investments and procurement processes.
  • We will ensure we have the right information to enable us to prioritise our decision making based on understanding our own emissions and how this impacts on Warwickshire.
  • We will look at best practice to inform our own benchmarking and target setting, helping us to prioritise and plan accordingly.
  • We will work collaboratively with the Government to provide guidance and incentives for carbon reduction amongst our residents.
  • To take this forward, the council will establish a cross-party group to steer the work that will deliver both climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Buying only 100% green energy

As an organisation, we only buy 100% green energy to power our various office locations, buildings and the county’s streetlighting.

Streetlighting – LED technology and part-night lighting

Around 85% of all street lights in Warwickshire currently use LED technology and the roll-out of this continues at pace.

Emissions from streetlighting continue to decrease despite further housing/road developments. This is due to the implementation of more efficient technology and continued use of part-night street lighting, where streetlights are turned off between midnight and 6am.

Renewable energy generation

A number of our building locations in Warwickshire employ solar panel technology to produce a percentage of electricity through renewable means. There are plans in place to expand this over the coming years.

Promoting Safe and Active Travel

We are working with schools, businesses and residents across Warwickshire to encourage Safe and Active travel. As more residents seek alternatives to travel by car, emissions will reduce, as was shown to be the case during the Covid-19 lockdown period between March and June 2020.

Always transparent on carbon emissions

As part of our commitment to transparency around our use of energy and the carbon footprint we make as an organisation, key data is regularly published on our website.