Starting infant, junior and primary school in 2018

Application process

The closing date for on time applications has now passed. If your child is due to start school in September 2018, please call our service on: 01926 414143 as soon as possible to make a late application.

Offer Day

Offer Day (16th April 2018) is the day we inform parents/carers of their allocated school place (made on time) offered for their child.

Online Applications

All parents/carers of children who have applied on time and online for a Primary, Infant or Junior school place will receive a notification email on the morning of 16th April 2018.

This will link to your online account and we kindly ask that you await that email before contacting us. Once the email is received the place can be accepted online. Declining your offer can only be done over the phone or via email and alternative schooling arrangements must be confirmed before this is processed.

If you have forgotten your log in details for your online account please contact the Admissions Team on 01926 414143.

All other on-time Applications

For those parents/carers of children who have applied on time and for Primary, Infant and Junior school places via any other method should receive a letter on the 16th April 2018.

All letters will be sent on 13th April 2018 and whilst we anticipate these letters will be delivered on time, we are unable to control postal times once the letters have left our organisation.

  • What to do next (PDF, 64.92 KB)
  • Reception 2017 breakdown of offers (PDF, 127.44 KB)
  • Junior 2017 breakdown of Offers (PDF, 39.06 KB)

  • If you are interested in applying for your child to defer their entry to school you will need to complete:

    For information on open days, please refer to the school’s website.

    A short video to guide you through the school admission process.

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Timetable for September 2018 entry:

    Important Dates
    From September 2017Information booklets posted to parents of children due to start school in September

    From September 2017Information booklets sent to children due to transfer to Junior school in September (children in year 2 in Warwickshire Infant schools)
    15th January 2018Closing date for on-time applications (5pm deadline)
    26th February 2018Final date for families moving into the area. (Proof of address must be provided by this date)
    13th April 2018Offer letters sent out 2nd class to Warwickshire residents
    16th April 2017National Offer day

    What to do

    • Parents must apply for a school place through their Local Authority (the county where you live)
    • Parents may apply for a place at any preferred state school (maximum of six). Special school and private school applications cannot be completed through the Admissions service. Please contact the SENDAR team on 01926 742160 for more information on special schools. For more information on the admissions process for private schools, please contact the school you are interested in directly.
    • Non-Warwickshire schools can be listed on the Warwickshire application form
    • If you live within a school’s priority area you have more chance of your child being offered a place at that school
    • Living within the priority area does not guarantee an offer of a place at that school as there may be more applicants living within the priority area than the number of places available
    • Warwickshire residents are encouraged to apply online, otherwise call the admissions office
    • The Headteacher can tell you about the admission arrangements and the opportunities to visit the school
    • Places are offered according to the admissions criteria. Late applications will be only be considered after the National Offer Day on 16th April 2018.

    You must comply with the deadlines set by your Local (Home) Authority.

    Applying for your child’s Junior (Year 3) Place, September 2018

    As year three is not the normal point of entry for a primary school, applications for year three places at primary schools for entry in September 2018 will be considered as ‘in year’ applications unless the school is named below;

    • Coleshill C.Of E. Primary School
    • Milby Primary School
    • Wheelwright Lane Primary School
    • Clifton-Upon-Dunsmore C.Of E. Primary School
    • English Martyrs Catholic Primary School
    • Tanworth-In-Arden C.Of E. Primary School
    • Welford-On-Avon Primary School
    • Knightslow C of E Primary School

    You can apply for a place after 4th June 2018.

    Apply online and find further details about these schools on our web page.

    School Admissions Primary Leaflet 2018 (PDF, 490.19 KB)

    Please do not hesitate to contact our team or your school in relation to this matter.

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