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Who can use short break services?

The eligibility for services and short breaks is based on promoting the health, safety and well-being of children and young people with disabilities and making sure that they can take part in family and community life. For example, enjoying themselves with friends and making decisions about their lives. It is also based on preventing family crisis by providing the right level of support at the right time, which needs to be clear and fair.

Not all children and families will need the same level of support and short breaks. Some will need more than others because of the type and severity of the child’s disability. Some may need more because of the individual family circumstance. It is important that your child/young person and your family have the right level and amount of support at the right time. To see what help might be needed, we will need to do an assessment.

The children with disabilities team commit to children and young people having fair access to short breaks. We also want to make sure there are short breaks available across the county.

Local short breaks

Universal or mainstream services

You can find community services in the Warwickshire Directory. These are available to all children and young people with no assessment needed.

Examples include:

  • youth clubs
  • uniformed groups, for example cubs and brownies
  • leisure centres
  • activity groups
  • faith groups.

Enhanced services

These may be specific services for children with disabilities. These come through a referral from:

  • an early help officer
  • a professional outside of the children with disabilities team who works with your family and is doing an early help assessment.

This may include services provided by our community partners. It will depend on the numbers and type of group whether your child can take part. Most providers offer spaces on a first come first served basis.

Targeted services – if eligible after a social care assessment

There are specific services for children with disabilities. These services may be available after a SEND social care assessment.

How it works:

  1. SEND social workers do a single assessment
  2. If the assessment shows this is the right kind of service for your family, they will fill out a resource allocation system (RAS).
  3. The assessment authorisation panel will look at this and discuss it with your family.

Some children with disabilities (specialist services – if eligible after a social care assessment)

Some children with disabilities need a lot of support to use short breaks. Specialist services can help.

There are two types of assessment which will show if this is the right service for your family.

  1. A single assessment by the children with disabilities team.
  2. A continuing health care assessment by a health professional.

Following this assessment, your family may be eligible for overnight support. A mixed overnight short break panel will look at different options. for example Family Link or a residential short break unit in Warwickshire.

Families with the highest level of need can use targeted and specialist services.