You can request a needs assessment if your child has:

  • SEN support at their school, nursery or college
  • not made expected progress.

This assessment is called an Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessment. The whole process takes 20 weeks.

Step 1

First, talk to the school or college about the help you need. You can also contact us and ask for an assessment.

Warwickshire Information, Advice and Support (SENDIAS) Service can help and support you through this process: 

Step 2

Please tell the school about any help you already get from education, health or social care. It is helpful to give the school any reports you would like included at this point. Otherwise, we will ask for them at a later date to help with the assessment.

The school will let us know what they have done to help your child. They will send us:

  • school reports
  • education plans (IEP)
  • documents from the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ process
  • reports from professionals.

Step 3

You will be asked to complete a family conversation record. You will do this with your school or another professional.

Make sure you include:

  • your child’s difficulties
  • your child’s strengths
  • the impact on your family
  • support your child already has.

The school will send us the family conversation record.

Step 4

We then decide on the best course of action.

This may be to:

  • provide options that can support your child
  • perform a more in-depth assessment of your child’s needs which may lead to an EHC plan.

If you are not happy with the decision you can seek mediation and make an appeal.


Funding for SEN Support is within school and college budgets. An EHC plan can provide further support, following an assessment. This funding is held by Warwickshire County Council on behalf of Warwickshire schools.

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