Education resources

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  • Book cycle training for your school

    Offered free to secondary/high schools, the aim of this scheme is, not only to encourage pupils to cycle to school, but to use safe and well maintained bicycles.

  • IDS curriculum resources and special equipment

    We provide a range of differentiated curriculum resources available on loan to referred pupils and their schools.

  • SACRE education resources

    RE resources for primary and secondary, along with syllabus and assessment information and guidance.

  • School’s waste education

    We are able to offer Warwickshire schools assemblies and workshops on rubbish, recycling and composting and free loan of literacy resources and recycled musical instruments.

  • Economic education – trading standards support

    Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service offers Warwickshire schools educational sessions that support Economic Education in the areas of ‘being a consumer’ and ‘managing personal finances’.

  • Disability support – from childhood to adulthood

    The transition from school to adulthood is a time of celebration, change and challenge for young people. For many disabled young people and their families and carers, however, this transition can be very complex and difficult.

  • Disability equality – statutory duties for schools

    All schools in England and Wales are subject to the general and specific duties under the Act, this includes Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

  • Sexualised Inappropriate Behaviours Service (SIBS)

    SIBS provides direct services, resources, research and consultation and training for therapeutic work with children and young people who have sexual behaviour difficulties, or who have difficulties arising from the sexual behaviour of others.

  • Alternative education provision

    As part of the strategy to meet the needs of vulnerable pupils and reduce the number of permanent exclusions, schools are encouraged to consider purchasing packages of alternative education provision.

  • Special Educational Needs – reference documents

    This reference file sets out Warwickshire’s strategic and operational policies for SEN and seeks to bring together all information relating to all aspects of SEN.

  • Free school meals – information for schools

    Free school meals are available to children up to 19 years of age who attend Warwickshire County Council maintained schools and maintained nursery schools on a full-time basis