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The locations of public charging points for electric vehicles (EV) in Warwickshire can be found at This will tell you:

  • the provider of the charging point
  • the type of charge
  • its availability
  • if there is a fee for using it

Our Warwickshire EV charging infrastructure strategy (PDF, 1.0 MB) outlines how we propose to support electric vehicle use.

We are exploring opportunities to install charging points within our car parks, including working with our partners at the districts and boroughs as it means that we can provide charging points that are situated in or near our town centres that will be available 24/7.

We are not currently looking at on-street charging points on residential streets for the following reasons:

  • in many locations, lighting columns are located at the rear of the footway. This makes them unsuitable to use for charging.
  • in many places, lighting columns are not suitable for the required upgrade.
  • the need for dedicated EV bays on-street in locations where residential on-street parking is already at a premium compounds parking issues. Providing designated EV parking bays would demand a Traffic Regulation Order and once in place this would need to be enforced.
  • The cost of installation and ongoing maintenance of on-street charge-points.

Some charging point suppliers are offering to supply and install (at no cost to us) rapid charge-points at locations near to the strategic road network. We have identified a number of locations where these could be installed.