Delivery of EV charging infrastructure in Warwickshire

New charge point installations

As a result of successful funding bids, Warwickshire County Council are installing 160 charging points across Warwickshire. These charge points are located mainly located in town centre off -street car parks, with some available on-street in Warwickshire’s town centres and smaller market towns. They are managed, operated and maintained by bp Pulse and a part of the national POLAR network.

The location of all available charge points in Warwickshire and beyond is available on Zap Map.

Zap Map will tell you:

  • Who the provider of the charge point is
  • The type of charge provided;
  • Its availability
  • If there is a cost to use the charge point

Future Charge Point installations

By 2025, Warwickshire needs an additional 960 fast charging (7kw) and nearly 300 rapid charging (22kw+) in order to meet predicted demand resulting the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel vehicles.

The focus of the next phase of EV charge point delivery is on locations with the greatest ‘public need’ and this will centre on residential streets where there are high proportions of housing without access to private off- street parking. Future delivery is dependent on appropriate funding being available. Further bids for funding will be made to help provide more charging points in Warwickshire.

The County Council is looking at a range of installation options, including utilising existing electricity supplies that supply street lighting columns, to rapidly expand the number of charge points available.

The County Council is unable to submit bids for funding for charge points on behalf of individuals. Any bid submitted will be based on a wider ‘zone approach’ and the County Council cannot commit to providing an EV charge point in a specific street, or location on that street.

Residents without access to private off-street parking and charging facilities are not permitted to trail a charging cable over the footway/highway between their property and vehicle.

If you would like more information about EV Charging in Warwickshire please email