Upcoming school bus changes

Below includes new services, permanent changes to the timetable, or temporary changes due to roadworks. Please take note of the valid from date in the bottom left corner of each timetable.

New services

See www.warwickshire.gov.uk/schooltransport for all new timetables from September 2017.

Permanent timetable changes

Service 235

With effect from Monday 26th February 2018, Service 235 is being re-timed. This is to ensure the timings of the service are accurate and that the service arrives at schools on time. A copy of the new timetable can be found below:

Arriva Service 115 and Central Buses Service 15/16

Arriva have taken the decision to reduce or remove the 115 service to Kingsbury School. We have negotiated a deal with Central Buses to provide an alternative service. The new service 15 and 16 will operate to Kingsbury School to replace service 115 with effect from Monday 5th February 2018. Students with an Arriva School bus pass will be able to use these on the Central Buses 15/16 Services until the end of the current academic year. A copy of the timetable for the Central Buses 15/16 services can be found below:

Temporary timetable changes

Closure of Catesby Lane – 26th-28th February 2018

Catesby Lane will be closed for roadworks from 26th-28th February inclusive. This will affect school services 104 and 255. During this closure students who would normally board on Catesby Lane will picked up from Old Warwick Road. Students will need to make their way to Old Warwick Road to pick up the service at the usual time.

Upcoming school bus changes was last updated on February 21, 2018.