Upcoming school bus changes

Below includes new services, permanent changes to the timetable, or temporary changes due to roadworks. Please take note of the valid from date in the bottom left corner of each timetable.

New services

Service 254

Starting Monday 5th November, service 254 will be replacing the withdrawn section of service 235 between Hampton Lucy and schools in Stratford Upon Avon:


Service 234

Starting Monday 8th October, Service 234 will be replacing service 210 between Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon:


Service 208

Starting Monday 8th October, Service 208 will be replacing service 210 between Stratford Upon Avon and Alcester:


Aylesford School

Service 567 will be replacing service 561 effective 3rd September 2018:

Permanent timetable changes

Service 235

From Monday 5th November, service 235 will no longer be serving Hampton Lucy. This is to improve the reliability of the service. Students wishing to travel from Hampton Lucy to travel to schools in Stratford Upon Avon will now need to apply for service 234. The new timetable can be found below:


Service 204

From Monday 8th October, Service 204 will no longer be starting in Leamington. The service will now commence in Warwick at the G1 stop on Saltisford. Students wishing to board a service on the the section of route no longer being served (Emscote Road and Leamington), will need to use Service 303 operated commercially by Ridleys Coaches. The new timetable can be found below:


Temporary timetable changes

Any temporary changes to timetables will be listed here


Upcoming school bus changes was last updated on November 7, 2018.