Road safety advice and information


  • Gritting

    We grit 46% of our 3820 kilometre (2368 mile) highway network. All roads cannot be treated due to budget, gritting vehicle size and mobilisation time.

  • Road safety advice

    A useful list of road safety advice links.

  • Drive for life

    Age should not be a barrier to driving but, as we get older, we all have to recognise that we need to be more aware of both our personal safety and our responsibility to other road users.

  • Parking outside schools

    Advice, information and suggestions on how to report and reduce inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside schools.

  • Road safety audits

    We offer a wide range of road safety auditing services to developers making alterations to the structure of the highway.

  • HGV Limits and routing

    Maps shows the most suitable routes around Warwickshire, the main industrial areas, refuelling stops, parking areas and services stations, all of which are suitable for heavy goods traffic. In addition it shows height and weight restrictions and approximate speed camera locations.

  • Report a fire hydrant fault

    You can report fire hydrant faults either online, by telephone, at your local fire station, or to Severn Trent Water.

Road safety advice and information was last updated on June 28, 2017.