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Year 1

A pair of eyes

Message: THINK about roads, STOP at the kerb and wait, LOOK and LISTEN for traffic.

Delivery: Autumn term by Road Safety Officer

Format: Hall session, approximately 30 minutes

Learning objectives

  • Identifying the need to stop at the kerb and use senses to detect traffic.

During our Year 1 class session learning focuses on people who can help us, with the importance of holding hands and staying close to an adult continuously reinforced.

Warwick Bear and Road Safety Katie introduce the ‘Thinking Hat’ and encourage children to remember and share a time when an adult has helped them to use the road safely, what they did and how they helped. In small groups, the children are presented with the task of helping Warwick Bear cross the road safely. They need to think carefully about the road safety code – think, stop, look, listen.

At the end of the session, children are presented with a bright, eye-catching certificate to celebrate their success and information to take home and share with parents.

The session makes links with the National Curriculum, incorporating opportunities for developing reading skills and spoken language.