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The Journey is a comprehensive free programme of road safety education for Warwickshire secondary schools and sixth forms. Educational sessions are available for pupils aged 11 – 18 years, focusing on pedestrian and cycle safety, pre- and young drivers, and pre- and young riders.

All sessions focus on changing intention to take risks and strategies to self-regulate to become safer road users. Key themes covered include distractions (saccadic masking), cycling / road respect, risk taking and consequences, responsibilities and peer influence, impulse control and impairment – drugs, alcohol, and fatigue.

Sessions are delivered by two dedicated Road Safety Officers and incorporate recognised behaviour change techniques and provide pupils with opportunities to develop effective safety strategies. Sessions will cover key skills for their specific age, all of which are transferable and will support pupils to become safer road users.

The Journey is delivered as an annual programme and it is expected that schools will engage with all sessions offered, and that sessions will be supported by teaching staff.

Themes include

Year 7

‘40 Minutes’

Focusing on distractions, cognitive, visual, and auditory, and the potential consequences and risks associated with being distracted. This session aims to provide pupils with an understanding of the potential consequences of their actions and behaviours, the impact this may have on others. Pupils will have opportunities to identify strategies to minimise distractions and be attentive and mindful of the road and their environment.

Year 10

‘Are you an influencer?’

This session concentrates on peer influence, both positive and negative, and aims to support pupils to understand the need to challenge risks to their own personal safety as a road user, and that of others. Pupils will be supported to identify situations where peer influence may be likely and develop practical strategies to overcome negative peer influence.

Year 11

‘Why did I do that?’

This session supports pupils to recognise unsafe and impulsive decision making, the potential consequences of acting impulsively and without thinking as a road user and introduces strategies for impulse control. By the end of the session, pupils will learn that at their age they are more prone to act on impulses and that this could have a negative impact on their own safety as road users, and the safety of others.

Year 12

Learning to drive and beyond

This session is aimed to improve novice driver safety. Pupils are supported to consider the complexities of driving through provision of information on completing practical driving lessons, theory tests, insurance and telematics. Further knowledge is developed on the law and consequences of unsafe driving behaviours. Through the session, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the skills and the knowledge required to be a safe driver.

Year 13

This session explores the effects of impairment through alcohol and drugs in terms of driving performance, legislative, financial and social consequences. This session addresses common misconceptions regarding the true impact for drivers and passengers of impairment as road users.

Bikeability Cycle Training

Warwickshire schools can request Bikeability cycle training. Further information on courses and availability.

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