Driving Ambitions is our secondary school road safety education programme, which is delivered to pupils in Year 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 by our Road Safety Mentors, both of whom are Approved Driving Instructors. Engaging and effective approaches are used to promote key road safety issues relevant for young people.

The Driving Ambitions programme focuses on essential life skills and strategies to cope with unexpected situations on the road. The classroom sessions and assemblies address key issues such as making new journeys, pedestrian, and driver distraction, risk taking, being a responsible passenger and impulsive decision making as a new driver. All sessions incorporate recognised behaviour change techniques and provide students with opportunities to develop effective safety strategies.

Themes include

Year 7

This session focusses on supporting students to remain safe whilst undertaking new journeys to secondary school.

Year 9

Pedestrian distraction is the main focus for this session, encouraging students to consider the risks associated with being distracted, in particular by mobile phones and peers.

Year 10

This session concentrates on risk taking as a pedestrian or cyclist and the impact it may have on others.

Year 11

As students begin to travel with older siblings and friends who are novice drivers, they are encouraged to recognise hazards and identify the importance of being a responsible and safe passenger. Which then becomes a transferable skill for when they begin to drive

Year 12

This session uses Virtual Reality technology and focusses on unsafe and impulsive decision making, particularly as a novice driver. Here the students are assisted with recognising unsafe and impulsive decision making, particularly at times of anxiety or being a novice driver. They are encouraged to list (pre and post the VR film) the temptations, risks and challenges of travelling with their friends. The difference between the two sets of answers is usually very eye opening.

Year 13

This session, delivered by Warwickshire Fire & Rescue looks at driving whilst under the influence or drink and drugs and the associated risks.