When children move from primary to secondary school, road safety becomes even more important. Young people become more independent and begin using new ways of getting around. However, it is road traffic accidents that cause most deaths and injury of young people.

Driving Ambitions engages with secondary school students by providing thought-provoking debate and discussion and aims to inform and help students develop their own road safety strategies.

Driving Ambitions is delivered by professional and experienced road safety experts to Year 7, Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students – currently free of charge.

This is a holistic approach to road safety with the whole school community becoming involved from students to teachers, governors, teaching assistants and parents. Research has shown that road safety education is most effective if taught:

  • as part of a whole school approach
  • involves young people in real decision making
  • is based on an understanding of young people’s needs and concerns
  • is realistic and relevant to young people’s lives.

The benefits achieved from Driving Ambitions include:

  • investing in future generations
  • delivering consistent messages, ideas and legislation
  • raises road safety awareness in both students and staff
  • a holistic approach to road safety and the curriculum
  • saves young lives

The scheme provides interactive, engaging classroom sessions using the latest technology. It works with students to looks at issues they face as they move towards independence and driving.

Programme details

  • Year 7 classroom session focusing on walking, cycling and new journeys
  • Year 8 / Year 9 targeted virtual learning for students and teachers via online resources
  • Year 10 interactive classroom session focusing on seatbelts, distractions, behaviour, hazards and risks
  • Year 11 theatre in education – a memorable 90 minutes performance and workshop for the whole year group that raises issues around young drivers and their passengers, plus a classroom session
  • Year 12 – a classroom session and discussion based around a young driver virtual reality scenario
  • Year 13 – Warwickshire Fire and Rescue deliver their Fatal Four presentation

Virtual reality

The Road Safety Team is currently piloting virtual reality (VR) technology, to help raise awareness of the dangers of young drivers being distracted at the wheel by their passengers.

The VR film shows secondary school students who use the equipment, a full crash scene extraction, from the arrival of the emergency services, to be being talked through the process by a paramedic.

The new reality technology will reach hundreds of Warwickshire young drivers and passenger. Using VR will give Year 12 young drivers and their passengers an experience of reality and the dangers of driving before they even get behind the steering wheel.

Once the student puts on the goggles and headsets, they are transported into a virtual world created with 360 degrees vision, as events unfurl around them. The VR film, which is set inside a car, is so convincing that some students may actually interact with the filmed scenarios. As part of the experience, trained mentors are always on hand with the students to talk through with them what they have viewed and experienced.