The public’s health is our priority, where wellness and tackling health inequalities is central to all we do. We work collaboratively with a range of partners on outcomes that will reduce the preventable causes of ill-health.

This is by using the least intrusive approaches necessary to achieve the desired effect and focus on enabling and guiding people towards positive life choices wherever possible.

Our teams

The work that teams in Public Health perform:

  • Health improvement - Raise awareness as to what defines a healthy lifestyle. The team works on projects including; lifestyle risk management services, weight management, physical activity.
  • Health protection - Responsible for working toward preventing communicable diseases. The team’s projects include; assurance around immunisations and screening, sexual health and contraception, children’s public health (0-5 years) and health emergency planning.
  • Wider determinants - Work to address the wide range of factors which can affect the health and wellbeing of individuals and local communities, including; housing, employment, education, leisure services, healthcare services, licensing, transport, planning and regulatory services.
  • Population health - Provides specialist research and information analysis to support the Public Health department. Key work produced by the team includes; Health Needs Assessments (HNA), Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), Health Impact Assessment and the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report.