People Group

Nigel MinnsNigel Minns – Strategic Director of People Group.

The People Group brings together the former directorates: ‘Adult Health and Community Services’ and ‘Children, Young People and Families’.

Our Aims and Vision are:

To support people, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Enabling them to access every opportunity and to enjoy, achieve and live independently. People Group provide Social Care, Learning, and Achievement and Health related services for all ages.

The People Group comprises of:

  • Children and families

    We intervene early to tackle problems emerging for any child, young person, their family and vulnerable adults who are at risk of needing help with daily living. Our aim is effective intervention which delivers better outcomes for everyone and includes better value for money for the Council.

  • Strategic Commissioning

    We focus on the needs of customers when delivering services and seeks to create a vibrant marketplace for care services.

  • Social Care and Support Services

    We arrange social care and support services for vulnerable and older people and their families with eligible needs.

  • Feedback