John Muir Award courses

The John Muir Award is an environmental awareness award scheme that focuses on the appreciation of wild places, ranging from mountain tops to city gardens. It promotes a universal approach to environmental awareness and aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to discover and conserve wild places through a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

The award has three levels which encourage a progressive involvement. The same four challenges are repeated at each level, with increased involvement in time, activity and ownership.

To achieve a John Muir Award each participant must:

  • discover a wild place
  • explore its wildness
  • conserve - take personal responsibility
  • share experiences

At Marle Hall, we offer the introductory level – the Discovery Award. This has to be completed over a minimum of four days or equivalent. We can achieve this during a multi-activity week that can be adapted, ensuring that all four criteria are met without losing any of the adventurous elements of the outdoor activities.

At the end of the week, each person will leave us with a nationally recognised certificate from the John Muir Trust.

The award is non-competitive and open to all but is particularly suited to primary years five and six.

For more information about the award visit John Muir Trust or to inquire about adding it to your programme contact the centre directly and speak to Helena.

“The instructors are amazing, you took the time to get to know your groups and treated each child as an individual. A big, huge thank you for being so accommodating to each child.” – Kineton Primary