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Whether you want to improve your qualifications, add to your skills, or enjoy learning for pleasure, we hope that you will find something to interest you.

Adult Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities:
We offer a range of courses to help adults with learning disabilities and learning difficulties to develop new skills in a supportive environment. Our courses include Everyday Maths, Communication Skills, Computing Skills and Photography. Many of our courses offer the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised qualifications and they are all free. For more information, please contact Lucy Whittington on 01926736393 or email


  • Introduction to English: Are you thinking about improving your English skills? With the help of our friendly, experienced tutors, you will receive support to build your confidence in these subjects and improve your employment prospects, help support your children and gain qualifications. All courses are FREE.

  • Maths

  • Introduction to Maths: Are you thinking about improving your maths skills? With the help of our friendly, experienced tutors, you will receive support to build your confidence in these subjects and improve your employment prospects, help support your children and gain qualifications. All courses are FREE.

  • Life skills

  • Managing Money Wisely: We have relaxed, friendly course starting in Nuneaton. Using practical examples you will use in everyday life, come along to brush up your skills, get help with your budgeting and learn how to manage changes in your income.
  • Life Skills: Cooking on a Budget: Gain skills that will enable you to make the most out of the ingredients you have. Cooking from scratch to make tasty, healthy meal options for you and your family. Ingredients will be provided for the first week only. Your tutor will let you know what you will need to bring in for following weeks.
  • Life Skills: #Life Hacks for More Confidence: Do you wonder how to get rid of fear and self-doubt? Do you feel stuck and want to move on in life? If you answered yes to any of these then this course is for you! Learn what your strengths are and how to focus on them; discover simple yet powerful ways to overcome fear and self-doubt.
  • Life Skills: Take the Weight off Your Mind: Do you ever wonder how to reduce stress, anger, anxiety and depression? On this course you will learn how to be more calm, let go of the past and reduce worrying about the future by using mindfulness. You also learn how to be more aware of your mental health and use simple exercises that can help you to feel more emotionally strong, secure and balanced.
  • Creative Job Search:Let us help you to overcome barriers to employment and prepare for work by learning how to stand out from the other applicants and create a step by step plan to get the job that you want.

  • Computers

  • Computing: Introduction to Computers: Are computers a mystery to you? If yes, then this course will show you how to get started and develop your skills and confidence in computing. Suitable for beginners or those with a little previous experience. Gain confidence in using the mouse and keyboard and basic use of the computer.
  • Computing: Online Basics: This 8 week course will follow on from Introduction to Computers and is designed to support and improve your basic ICT skills further. Content will include: completing basic web searches, using email, staying safe online and creating and formatting a simple word document. You will also gain an entry level qualification.
  • Computing: Next Steps with Computers: A flexible computing course for those with some basic computer skills who wish to find out more! Many of us have some basic computing skills but we often find that we would like to develop our skills further. The exact content of this course will be negotiated with each group and will depend on the particular needs and interests of participants. It could include creating folders and saving files, protecting your computer, connecting other devices (e.g. digital cameras), sending email attachments, recognising scams and finding and using free software.
  • Computing: Introduction to iPad: The course will look at all aspects of the iPad, using the main apps that come with your iPad. You will learn how to create an Apple ID, change security and general settings, install apps, use the camera, FaceTime and iTunes, and more!
  • Computers: Internet Security & Online Safety: This course will provide a detailed background to the internet and world wide web. Topics include: securing your computer and software against scams, viruses and fraud, examining jargon and the latest online safety issues and internet consumer
    advice. Basic computer skills are required.
  • Computing: Exploring Photo Editing: This course will introduce you to basic photo editing using Paint.Net (free to download). You will learn how to enhance and manipulate photos using a variety of tools, including clone stamp, blur/sharpen, Vignette, red eye removal, and more.
  • Computing: Introduction to Spreadsheets: This is a short course for learners wanting to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2010. We will be looking at the Excel environment as a whole and learning about Workbooks, Sheets, and Cells. We will also look at inputting data, formatting data and creating simple formulas.
  • Computing: Introduction to Web Page Design: Using WIX as the website creating software you will learn how to design a basic website and upload it to the Internet. You will be shown an easy step by step approach for using the tools in WIX to determine the layout, colour, and style of your own website/webpage.
  • Computing: Introduction to PowerPoint: This is a short course for learners wanting to learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. We will be looking at the PowerPoint environment as a whole, learning about the basics of inserting frames, using templates, inserting test shapes, pictures and videos.
  • Computing: Introduction to Publisher: This is a short course for learners wanting to learn the basics of Microsoft Publisher 2010. We will be looking at the Publisher environment as a whole, learning about the basics of inserting and formatting text frames, pictures and shapes.
  • Computers: Further Next Steps: If you already have a good grasp of the basics of using a Windows-based computer, this course offers the chance to take your skills further. Content may include configuring computer settings, troubleshooting problems, file conversion and cloud technology, but can be negotiated depending on the interests of the group.

  • Art

    • Introduction to Watercolours: Learn the techniques to create your own masterpiece! Discover how to apply colour washes, explore the colour wheel and learn how to increase the depth of colour in your painting.
    • Introduction to Drawing: Develop your drawing skills and confidence using a variety of media including pencils and pens (dip pens, fountain pens) charcoal, chalks and crayons.
    • Drawing & Painting for Beginners: Experience the enjoyment of drawing and painting using a variety of materials and techniques. Learning about composition & drawing observational skills, mark making using pencils, measuring still life objects and transfer onto paper, colour theory and how to mix acrylic paint, acrylic painting techniques, one-point perspective, drawing negative space.
    • Introduction to Mixed Media: Experiment with acrylics, pastels, charcoal and inks and learn the different techniques and approaches in using these materials.
    • Printmaking for Beginners: Learn how to design and create your own print plate in polystyrene and then print your design in different colour inks.
    • Introduction to Printmaking with Linocut: This course provides an introduction to the practical techniques and design aspects of linocut printmaking.
    • Drawing & Painting Term 4: On this course we will further explore both drawing and painting techniques using a variety of medium such as pencil, pastel, inks, charcoal, acrylics and mixed media. We will also explore the painting styles of well-known artists whilst working towards developing a style of your own. This course is for those that have completed 3 terms of Drawing & Painting courses at Pound Lane or have previous experience. (please see course information form for further information)
    • Acrylics Term 4: Further your skills using the medium of acrylics to produce paintings on paper and canvas. We will be practicing observational painting, perspective, colour mixing, painting techniques and composition of subjects. This course is for those that have completed 3 terms of the Acrylic courses at Pound Lane or have previous experience of using acrylics. (please see course information form for further information)


    • Learn to Crochet: Do you want to learn to crochet? Then this is the course for you! A great way to relax and unwind, combined with the chance to make and create items to give as gifts, or to decorate your home.
    • Sugarcraft – Mixed Ability: For beginners and improvers alike, this course will provide you with the skills needed to add that extra special touch to your cakes. You will find out how to make a variety of gorgeous handmade flowers and foliage to decorate your cakes.
    • Sugarcraft – Advanced Class: For those with previous experience of working with sugarpaste, wishing to enhance their skills by moving on to more complicated projects.
    • Sugarcraft – Royal Icing Workshop: This two day course is aimed at the beginner or an enthusiast who would like to try royal icing for the first time. Pre-course work preparation will be required – please see course information sheet for further details and equipment required.
    • Creative Stitching: This course provides a host of stitching experiences using a variety of techniques, tools and materials from both traditional and contemporary genres. Explore colour, texture and pattern using a selection of fibres, fabrics and threads and gain skills in simple hand embroidery, to produce a unique piece of work.
    • Learn to Knit: Whether you are a complete beginner or returning to knitting after a long break, this course will teach you all the basics needed to start making knitted items. Learn how to cast on and off, knit, purl, change colours, read simple knitting patterns, and sew knitted pieces together.
    • Crochet Term 2: Suitable for those who already have knowledge of the basic crochet stitches but want to expand their knowledge and learn new stitches and combinations to produce more advanced patterns.
    • Sewing & Dressmaking: Learn the basic techniques of machine sewing, the importance of measuring accurately and how to follow pattern instructions for the best results.
    • Patchwork, Quilting & Applique for Beginners: ‘When life throws you scraps make a quilt’. (Anon). Learn to make a range of simple but delightful hand stitched items using a variety of patchwork and quilting techniques. Eco-friendly, relaxing to sew and comforting to use – what’s not to love!


    • Introduction to British Sign Language: This course provides the opportunity to learn about Deaf awareness and will provide an introduction on how to communicate with Deaf people, using BSL, at a beginner’s level.
    • Beginners Holiday Spanish: If you are planning a holiday to a Spanish-speaking country, some basic words and phrases can make your trip so much more enjoyable. This short course will focus on speaking and listening related to activities such as greetings, ordering food and drink and asking directions.
    • Beginners French: We have a new beginners course starting this year,as well as progression courses for those who have studied with us previously (please see course listings)
    • Beginners Italian: We have a new beginners course starting this year, as well as progression courses for those who have studied with us previously (please see course listings)

    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): If English is not your first language you can improve your English language skills with this short ESOL course. Join our class on Friday mornings at our Pound Lane Centre to help improve your communication skills, build your confidence and help
    you integrate into life in the UK. This short course will help you to develop your understanding of the English language and make it easier to manage everyday situations. The course is for 11 weeks and will help improve your speaking and listening skills. Places are limited so please ring our centre to
    arrange for your assessment and registration.

  • History and Photography

    • History Through Music: This course will use songs as historical evidence and stimulate the investigation into historical events from the 16th to the 21t Centuries. From disco divas and folk crooner to rock gods and punk princes, many bands and artists have sung about historical events.
    • Introduction to Family History: Glued to the BBC’s ‘Who do you think you are?’ This course will give you the basics in how to begin tracing your own family tree.
    • Warwickshire at War: Most, if not all towns and villages throughout Britain have a war memorial to the First World War, but what was Warwickshire’s contribution? The course follows the people of Warwickshire through the First World War battlefields of the Western Front but also in Italy, Turkey, Mesopotamia and Russia and how these battles fit into the bigger picture of a war fought all over the globe.
    • Tudors on Show: From films and TV dramas to romantic novels and portraits and rhymes, the Tudors continue to fascinate. Join this course to find out if what you have read, seen or learned before is then truth behind an era filled with duplicity and intrigue!

    Music and Gardening Skills

  • Music: Sing! Music Soothes The Soul!: Do you sing in the shower or in the car? Do you sing along whenever you hear one of your favourite songs? Would you like to be part of a singing group? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions this is the course for you! So, if you would like to lose the worries of day to day living and just enjoy yourself, what are you waiting for?
  • Gardening Skills (Adults with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities): We still have places available on our Gardening Skills course, based at Pound Lane Learning Centre, Leamington Spa. The course runs on Fridays, 10am until 12pm. Learn how to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers from seed in our greenhouse and pot on in our polytunnel! For more information, please contact Lucy Whittington on 01926 736393 or email