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There are a number of ways in which we show how we are providing fit for purpose services.

Annual statement of assurance

Fire and rescue authorities must provide annual assurance on financial, governance and operational matters and show how they have had due regard to the expectations set out in their integrated risk management plan and the requirements included in the framework. To provide assurance, fire and rescue authorities must publish an annual statement of assurance.

Annual governance statement

As part of Warwickshire County Council, we contribute to the development and are included in the annual governance statement which the council is required to provide.

Performance data

We provide comprehensive performance data to managers across the organisation and to external stakeholders. On a monthly basis, middle and senior managers review a performance tracker and address any areas of underperformance.

We also report our performance quarterly to council members as part of the council’s performance reporting framework.

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Fire Peer Challenge

We welcome the opportunity to be reviewed by a group of our peers to enable us to improve.

Regular action plan progress reports are submitted to the Warwickshire County Council resources and fire overview and scrutiny committee, to ensure all priorities, suggestions are being met to agreed criteria.