On street parking fees

Please ensure you read all signage to ensure that the vehicle is parked in accordance with the restrictions for that street. Some streets only permit either 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours paid parking.

North Warwickshire

For on-street parking charges information in North Warwickshire please visit North Warwickshire Borough Council’s parking web pages.

Nuneaton and Bedworth

There is no charge for on-street parking in Nuneaton & Bedworth.  For more information on parking in Nuneaton & Bedworth please visit Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council’s parking web pages.

Rugby Borough

On street parking tariff for Rugby Borough

Stratford District

On street parking tariff for Stratford District

Warwick and Leamington Spa

On street parking tariff for Warwick and Leamington Spa

Kenilworth only

On-street parking tariff for Kenilworth only
DurationFee (£)
30 mins0.50
1 hour1.00
2 hours2.00

Blue Badge Parking

Blue badge holders may park free of charge in on street pay and display bays within Warwickshire providing a valid blue badge is displayed.

Motorcycle parking on street

Motorcycles and mopeds are permitted to park for free within the following bays:

  • Residents/pay and display shared use bays for the maximum time stated upon the signage
  • In any pay and display bays for the maximum period stated upon the signage
  • Also in any limited stay bays which clearly state the maximum period of stay upon the signage.

For courtesy of other vehicles parking within on-street parking bays, it is advised that motorcyclists only use the minimum amount of space when parking.

On-street parking tariff for Rugby Borough, Stratford District, Warwick and Leamington Spa (excluding Kenilworth)

On-street parking tariffs from 9th January 2018
First hourSecond hour
DurationFee (£)DurationFee (£)
3 minutes0.0563 minutes1.15
6 minutes0.1066 minutes1.20
9 minutes0.1568 minutes1.25
11 minutes0.2071 minutes1.30
14 minutes0.2574 minutes1.35
17 minutes0.3077 minutes1.40
20 minutes0.3579 minutes1.45
22 minutes0.4082 minutes1.50
25 minutes0.4585 minutes1.55
28 minutes0.5088 minutes1.60
30 minutes0.551.5 hours1.65
33 minutes0.6093 minutes1.70
36 minutes0.6596 minutes1.75
39 minutes0.7098 minutes1.80
41 minutes0.75101 minutes1.85
44 minutes0.80104 minutes1.90
47 minutes0.85107 minutes1.95
49 minutes0.90109 minutes2.00
52 minutes0.95112 minutes2.05
55 minutes1.00115 minutes2.10
58 minutes1.05117 minutes2.15
1 hour1.102 hours2.20

On street parking fees was last updated on January 10, 2018.