New special school

Warwickshire County Council has identified a need for a new special school, in the North of the County, for children and young people where additional needs are associated with challenging behaviours and linked to emotional, social and communication needs. We have for some time been looking to find a way to deliver this new provision and are delighted that the Department for Education have agreed to fund it through its Targeted Basic Need programme.

Within Warwickshire there is a family of schools consisting of Community, Foundation, Voluntary Controlled, Voluntary Aided, Academy and Free Schools. The local authority aims to work with all of those schools, adopting a ‘status-blind’ approach, to help deliver the best education outcomes for all of our children and young people regardless of the type of establishment they attend.

What are we doing?

We are looking to create a new Special School to meet the needs of pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) where challenging behaviour is a barrier to learning, and are inviting proposals from all suitable potential sponsors to join Warwickshire’s family of schools, as well of course from those already working within the County.

Why are we doing it?

The demand for a new school has come about in part due to population growth – as evidenced from our ongoing primary school expansion programme – and in part to address the growing number of pupils having to access out of county placements each year. We are confident that a new special school in Nuneaton will have the huge benefit of allowing some of our most vulnerable pupils to access the placements they need, near to where they live, to secure better outcomes.

New School Proposal – School Specification Document – 2 August 2013 (msword, 1.8Mb)

Market Position Statement – Special Educational Needs (SEN) – 2013-2014 (pdf, 1.2Mb)