Nationality checking service

The nationality checking service (NCS) is a way of submitting an application to become a British citizen. 

The service includes:

  • checking your application form has been correctly completed
  • copying and certifying all relevant supporting documents so that you can keep your originals, such as passports, marriage certificates and Life in UK test.
  • submitting your application by secure post to the Home Office

This will not ‘fast track’ your application or guarantee that the Home Office will approve your application. The Home Office deals with each application on its own merit.

Appointments can only be made for the Nationality Checking Service (NCS) as outlined above.

We do not offer the (NDRS) Nationality Document Return Service or the (EPRS) European Passport Return Service.

The (JCAP) Joint Citizenship and Passport Application Service is no longer available.


Fees from 1st April 2017

  • Adult – £70.00
  • Children under 18 – £50.00

Booking an appointment

You will need an appointment to use this service. Please telephone 01926 412557 and leave your details. Appointments are available at:

  • Warwick – Monday and Friday
  • Bedworth – Tuesday and Wednesday

An advisor will call you to book an appointment. You must have your credit or debit card details ready. On the day of the appointment applicants will need to bring:

  • completed application forms;
  • all original supporting documents.

Application forms and guidance

Please complete and bring a completed form for each applicant:

Gov.UK – more information about gaining British citizenship.

Home Office fees

Gov.UK – British Citenzenship fee form

Knowledge of Life and Language Requirements(KOLL)

All applicants must check that they meet the new requirements for Knowledge of Life and Language. You will need to meet both Knowledge of Life in the UK and have a ‘Knowledge of Language’ qualification. Further information:

Please ensure that you check your eligibility for applying before booking an appointment.

Office locations

NCS Warwick Office

Warwickshire County Council, Shire Hall, Market Place, Warwick, CV34 4RL

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NCS Bedworth Office

Bedworth Library, 18 High Street, Bedworth, CV12 8NF

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Nationality checking service was last updated on June 11, 2018.