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Marle Hall supports a variety of youth group courses, both from within Warwickshire and nationally. These vary in length from a day visit, to a weekend or a full week's residential.

We have a history of being involved with groups and individuals over a long period of time. Larger programmes of youth work can involve the same young people returning several times.

For all visiting youth groups we aim to offer our full range of outdoor activities. Through discussion and cooperation between our tutors, youth leaders and the young people themselves, a choice of programme is agreed.

Our tutors will always work closely with youth work leaders and mentors to ensure a consistency of message and approach for the young people. Tried and tested youth work traditions have been shown to work well with social care and educational aims on a residential course at Marle Hall.

Participants of long term leaving care programmes which have included residential experiences at Marle Hall have shown evidence of increased stability and resilience.

Some of the ways young people have said they have gained from these experiences include:

  • learning new skills
  • gaining confidence
  • learning to trust people
  • thinking about present situations and relationships
  • meeting new people and making friends
  • challenging their fears

For the past few years we have worked with the National Citizen Service (NCS) to deliver programmes to young people from Warwickshire and other parts of the country. Marle Hall has been involved in the first part of a four-stage scheme, backed by the Government, and usually completed by young people in the summer following their GCSE exams.

More information on the National Citizen Service.

"Thank you for such a well-organised, flexible and smooth week. Marle Hall stands head and shoulders above other NCS providers – our staff and young people have loved it here."

- National Citizen Service Programme Leader