The sense of achievement when attempting to reach the top of a cliff can do wonders for self confidence, and people are always amazed at how much they can achieve when they work so closely together. Rock climbing is both physically and mentally challenging and is combined with learning to trust your teammates holding the rope below. A great level of responsibility is demanded of the safety team looking after the climber.

The venues we use offer climbs of varying difficulty allowing everyone to progress on to more demanding climbs but at a rate that suits the individual.

For those who wish to face another challenge, abseiling can be incorporated into a rock climbing day. Abseiling is descending a fixed rope over a vertical or near vertical drop. Success depends on encouragement and understanding as each individual faces the feeling of trepidation when leaning over the edge.

Rock climbing can either be run as a full day or half day session. A full day is recommended which will allow you to get to grips with the rope work and progress in your climbing ability. It also provides the opportunity for you to take on more responsibility as you feel more confident with the skills you are taught.

Please contact Marle Hall for booking availability

This has hands down been the best centre I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so smiley and helpful, they’ve made everything so easy!”

NCS Senior Mentor