This is truly a different experience to any other that we offer at Marle Hall. An underground adventure, travelling through a dark, unfamiliar environment that is steeped in social history, geology and geography, it is amazing what you learn.

It requires cooperation, communication and teamwork, and helps to build confidence, and for some it provides a personal challenge of overcoming fears.

It is approximately a 45-minute drive through the mountains at the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, to reach the slate mining towns of North Wales.

On arrival at the mine you will be fully equipped with:

  • warm clothes

  • waterproofs

  • helmets

  • mining lamps

  • harnesses and ropes

Your team will navigate through the passages to explore the environment and underground conditions the miners had to work in. You will take responsibility for each other and for organising yourselves, perhaps progressing along clip lines or past flooded passageways, before eating lunch by candlelight. After lunch you will continue your exploration, maybe even abseiling into darkness, until finally emerging back into the daylight.

This day requires teamwork, to help each other over rocks and to overcome the many challenges you encounter in the dark. While you are underground you will learn new things about yourself and your team members, further skills such as rope work and navigation techniques, and a great deal about the underground environment.

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"Marle Hall was amazing, the staff were brilliant. They helped me to face my fears. They provided us with lovely food. It is really enjoyable and I’d love to do it again.”

Alex-Mae (Pupil)