Our on-site rope courses provide great challenges for both individuals and teams. They can be used in their own right or as an alternative to rock climbing if the weather is bad, and are a great test of teamwork, nerve, determination and taking real responsibility.

The famous B.L.T. is a fantastic high rope activity for all ages. Try to ring a ‘Bell’, 15 meters up a tree, climb another tree and take a ‘Leap of Faith’ into the unknown, then try to catch a ‘Trapeze’ 12 meters off the ground. The whole team takes responsibility for themselves and each other by pulling on the ropes, tying knots and doing safety checks.

In the treetops at Marle Hall lurks another high ropes course, more suited to older children. It involves climbing trees, zipping across wires and completing a leap of faith before abseiling back to the ground. This requires great team encouragement and determination.

The low ropes course includes balancing across wires, climbing cargo nets, swinging from ropes and tyres, and squirming through tubes. A great exercise in trust and communication as each person is supported and encouraged. This is an excellent evening activity, which is close to the ground and can be supervised by visiting staff following a thorough briefing.

Another great team activity is crate stacking. Your team works together to build a high tower from plastic crates, split into groups to helping to safely construct a tower of crates. Everyone needs to be ready because who knows when the whole stack may come crashing down.

All these activities will have your team working really hard to help everyone achieve their full potential.

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"I have spent many times in outdoor centres and this has been my best experience yet.”

- National Citizen Service