This is by far the most popular activity we offer. You are pretty much guaranteed to get wet and it’s always loads of fun!

Once fully kitted out in buoyancy aids and helmets the team will journey up a mountain stream. Through co-operating and supporting each other you will scramble over rocks, climb up waterfalls, wade across pools and slide down chutes. All these challenges will bring your team together so well, that jointly you will be ready to face the challenge of the infamous ‘elephants bottom’.

All good so far and still time left? Your team will continue on up stream, squirming through rocks, perhaps using ropes and harnesses. You’ll face many more challenges using the skills you have learned from previous activities as you head for the final plunge pool at the top.

The route will always vary depending on:

  • team ability

  • weather and water conditions in the gorge

The challenges will often be set to help build transferable skills that you can use to progress throughout your stay at Marle Hall.

Gorge scrambling is usually offered as a half-day activity but can be extended to a full day to allow a more technical ropework day and/or a chance to explore more of this wonderful and unique environment.

Please contact Marle Hall for booking availability

"All instructors have been supportive, sensitive, kind and caring and extremely professional.”

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy