Marle Hall - list of courses

At Marle Hall we take into consideration your aims and desired learning outcomes to deliver a tailor-made course that helps you achieve your goals. We’ll look at any particular needs you have, and any particular activities or environments you wish to include before agreeing on a programme that suits you.

Our ethos of challenge, respect, responsibility and teamwork are interwoven into everything we do. We strive to produce a positive learning environment that will help young people to not only learn outdoor skills but also to develop as people, learn how their actions affect others and learn how work as a team.

This is an essential part of learning outside the classroom and enables us to support both the national and youth curriculum.

Here in North Wales we have a large range of venues and activities to inspire and gain an appreciation for the environment. All our courses will be set at the right level to ensure everyone in the group achieves.

“The structure and organisation of Marle Hall’s course has enabled us to have a smooth, relaxed and fulfilling week.”
– National Citizen Service Programme Leader