Sea level traversing is basically a journey you take along an area of coastal cliffs. It incorporates many elements of teamwork and personal challenge as you use various climbing and scrambling techniques, and often swimming, to explore this wild and ever-changing environment

We use a variety of locations for sea traversing and coasteering, mainly on Anglesey. The exact venue and nature of the activity will depend on:

  • particular aims and desired outcomes for the team

  • weather conditions

  • sea state on the day

You will certainly be scrambling along the base of cliffs. Maybe some jumps, swimming short distances in the sea or even setting up a Tyrolean traverse to zip across a zawn on ropes. In this ever-changing environment it is an extremely valuable activity for using other skills that you may have learnt earlier in your course at Marle Hall, including rope work, climbing skills, and judgements about risk management.

This is a great personal and team challenge that requires the group to communicate effectively and work together. It can be done as a wet or dry activity – if you spend most of the time in the water with no roped sections, it is often called coasteering. Sea level traversing in its purest form is a more technical activity where ropes are often used to keep you safe above the water line. Whatever option is taken we guarantee that you will enjoy the day.

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