Canoeing, or open boating, is an excellent activity that relies on teamwork, and one in which everyone can participate and enjoy.

Groups are split into teams of two to four per canoe. These small teams will need to develop good communication, coordination and a great deal of cooperation.

Kayaking is an activity that many young people are eager to try out. It is designed primarily as a solo boat, and paddled using a double ended blade. Beginners may find kayaking frustrating at first, commonly going round in circles. A certain level of determination is required in order to achieve success.

Our selection of kayaks include:

  • general purpose kayaks

  • sit-on-top kayaks

  • sea kayaks

Canoeing and kayaking can be run as either full or half day sessions.

Once the basics are mastered lots of options become available depending on the team, the weather conditions and the time available.

In a half-day session you could:

  • Take a journey across a lake with Snowdon as a backdrop

  • Take part in a closely fought game of water polo

  • Raft two open canoes together and have a go at canoe sailing.

In a full day session you could:

  • Learn new skills as you go down a river or tidal estuary

  • Light a fire somewhere and practice some bushcraft skills

  • Have a go at sea kayaking

  • Get up close and personal with the wildlife

  • Try kayak surfing on the North Wales coast.

Please contact Marle Hall for booking availability

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