Marle Hall - bushcraft

Escape to a more primitive age and learn a few basic skills and how primitive people lived in the natural environment.

You can learn how to:

  • build a shelter using a tarpaulin or a selection of natural materials, without damaging the environment

  • light a fire using a firesteel which is a bit like flint

  • discover what tinder and kindling works best to really get the fire going so you can make your own dinner.

Learn more about the natural world around you during your stay, including:

  • what is safe to eat and cook

  • how to make string

  • how to use a knife safely to whittle a peg or make your own spoon

  • have a go at lighting a fire using a bow drill by rubbing sticks together or making your own charcoal.

At Marle Hall we are constantly learning ourselves and the more we learn, the more we can share with you. With so much to cover, we’ll make sure to introduce you to the basics of the vast field of bushcraft.

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"The way that you bring out the best in every child is amazing and a real skill.”

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