15 January 2020 - Budbrooke Road

The right turn ban into Budbrooke Road from Birmingham Road as drivers approach from the A46 has been withdrawn. Without Wedgnock roundabout the original route into Budbrooke Road is not available. For drivers heading west (out of town), please be courteous and assist drivers making this manoeuvre by leaving a gap where possible. This will all help to keep traffic flowing in both directions.

18 December 2019 - Temporary Traffic Orders

From 13 January 2020 until Spring 2020 the following Temporary Traffic Orders will be in place:

  • Wedgnock Lane southbound will be closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from its junction with Cape Road to Wedgnock roundabout.
  • Westbound traffic on the A425 will no longer be able to turn right onto Wedgnock Lane and will be diverted around Stanks Island and back where turning left into Wedgnock Lane is permitted. This will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Traffic from Budbrooke Road will be banned from turning right onto Birmingham Road from 9.30am until 3.30pm Monday to Friday if temporary signals are in use. During this time traffic will be diverted around Stanks Island and back. Without this ban, three way temporary traffic signals would be required which would cause significant delays to the network.

Plan of the Temporary Traffic Orders (PDF, 132KB).

These restrictions are required to enable the transformation of Wedgnock roundabout into a signalised T-junction. Completing this is fundamental to delivering the benefits of the scheme, for example, improved flow of traffic out of Warwick Town Centre during peak pm periods.

Traffic modelling has revealed that closing the road southbound is the safest option with the least impact on the network, however the closure will cause congestion during the am and pm rush hours. We therefore advise that you plan all journeys in advance and allow plenty of time.

You may wish to consider alternative forms of transport when travelling to work. If you own or manage a business nearby and there is an option for staff to work flexibly, either by working from home or by altering start and finish times, then you may wish to consider this to help reduce the number of vehicles on the network during rush hours.

Advanced signage of the closure will be erected on 2 January 2020.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your continued cooperation.

December 9 2019 - 3 Way traffic lights

There will be 3 way lights on the Wedgnock Roundabout for one day on the 18 December 2019. They will be in operation during off-peak times only. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

December 3 2019 - 3 Way traffic lights

On Wednesday 4 December there will be temporary 3 way lights on the junction of Birmingham Road and Budbrooke Road for a couple of hours off peak and for one day only. This is to rectify some issues found with the utilities. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

December 3 2019 - Progress report

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November 22 - 3 Way traffic lights

On Wednesday 27 November temporary traffic lights will be installed on the Birmingham Road/Budbrooke Road Junction for one day only. These lights will be in operation during off peak hours.

November 21 - Cemetery access

Pedestrian access to Warwick Cemetery via Birmingham Road is temporarily closed whilst the works are progressing in this area. Access in and out of the cemetery will now be via Wedgnock Lane. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

November 15 2019 - Progress report

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November 5 2019 - Progress report

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October 18 2019 - Progress report

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September 27 2019 - Progress report

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September 27 2019 - Important Safety Update

With works being progressed at various locations, the existing footpaths at such locations are no longer operational and have been closed accordingly.

At present the footpaths that are closed are as follows:

  • A46 Stanks Island Northern Footpath
  • A425 Birmingham Road Northern Footpath between Stanks Island to the Cemetery Access.
  • Wedgnock Roundabout Southern Footpath  

As a result of the above footpath closures, a safe pedestrian diversion route has been implemented throughout the site. Please refer to the below pedestrian management plans identifying the closures and associated diversion route.

Important safety information regarding the diversionary route

Access to Haywood Road - please use the temporary informal crossing opposite Haywood Road which incorporates a temporary refuge to aid safe crossing.

Crossing Birmingham Road Near Budbrooke Road - please use the temporary signal-controlled crossing erected on the Canal Bridge for safe crossing.

Wedgnock Roundabout South Footpath Closure - those who use this footpath from Warwick Town Centre direction should use the existing signal-controlled crossing near Sainsbury's and follow the diversion.

Crossing Wedgnock Roundabout - please use the existing crossing points located on the immediate approach/exit to Wedgnock Lane which incorporates a refuge to aid safe crossing.

Since the implementation of the diversion route, we have been reviewing all comments received for recommended improvement measures. As a result, WCC and NMCN have taken proactive action and the following amendments have and/or are to be made along the route:

  • Significant vegetation clearance to improve visibility and public safety.
  • Erecting pedestrian barriers at key locations for clearer delineation.
  • Improved advanced signing of closures.
  • Pedestrian Management Plan detailing closure locations and diversion routes to be erected at key locations for public information.
  • Erecting traffic barriers on Wedgnock Roundabout restricting lane widths in order to reduce vehicular speeds and reduce pedestrian crossing widths.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all members of the public to adhere to safety measures that have been implemented across the site. Whilst some members of the public may consider measures such as pedestrian diversions to be excessive; these essential and important measures are necessary to ensure safeguarding of the public throughout the duration of the works.

September 13 2019 - Progress report

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September 11 2019 - Temporary Traffic Signals and Junction Closures

Starting from the 16 September there will be 3 way temporary traffic signals in place at the Birmingham Road/Haywood Road junction. The signals will be operating Monday to Friday 9.30am until 3.30pm until 23 September. From 23 of September, 2 way traffic signals will then be in place for a number of weeks.

The temporary signals on Haywood/Birmingham Road is to maintain a safe working zone, utilise the space for site plant and enable the following works:

  • Removal and Installation of Drainage 
  • Excavation of kerb lines 
  • Multiple utility diversions 

From 23 September until the end of March 2020, the southern section of Haywood Road will be closed to vehicles at it's junction with Birmingham Road. Vehicles wishing to enter and exit Haywood Road will have to do so via Wedgnock Lane. This is required to help join the new road to the existing road and to complete various utility diversions.

August 29 2019 - Progress report

View the latest updates and pictures for the Improvement Scheme.

August 19 2019 - Birmingham Road North

From the week commencing August 19 2019, the work area labelled as "Birmingham Road North" on the week 2 phasing plan will be under two-way temporary signals. 

July 2019 - Construction commencement

Construction works are due to start on the Stanks Island and Birmingham Road Improvement Scheme on 5 August 2019. Initial works will be carried out offline and should not disrupt the flow of traffic unduly. There will however be a need for traffic management as the scheme progresses but this will be kept to a minimum as much as possible. Further information on working areas and traffic management will be released as it becomes available. Sign up to receive email alerts and future updates.

May 2019 - Construction works contract awarded

On 15 May 2019 the contract for the construction works for Phase 1 of the scheme was awarded to NMCN plc. Discussions will now take place to establish the actual works start and end date and the associated traffic management that will take place throughout the programme of works in order to minimise disruption. Once these discussions have taken place, more information will be released.

October 2018 – procurement of construction works

We are currently still working with those Contractors in order to achieve the best possible cost and programme before the contract is awarded. Work will start as early as possible in 2019.

July 2018 – procurement of construction works

On the 23 July 2018 procurement documentation was uploaded to WCC’s online procurement portal. Contractors that are signed up to Lot 3 of Design Services Construction Framework Contract now have an opportunity to submit costs for the works. At the end of the tender period, in five weeks’ time, the submitted bids will be reviewed and a contractor awarded. Once this is complete we will have a better indication of when the works are likely to start on site and the associated traffic management arrangements.

April 2018 – Bee Orchid relocation

A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal was carried out in March 2017 around Stanks Island and Birmingham Road in Warwick where improvement works are due to take place later this year. The survey found that Bee Orchids, a protected wildflower under Section 13 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), was found in multiple locations along the verge adjacent to Haywood Road.

Bee Orchids are slow growing plants which can take up to six years to reach the point of flowering, even then it may only flower once in its lifetime. The flowers resemble a female bee to help aid pollination.

It was recommended in the report that the wildflowers should be relocated in spring before the scheme commences.

On 25 April 2018 a team of Warwickshire County Council ecologists removed around 60 Bee Orchids from the verge. As they are a protected species they had to be removed in a particular way to prevent damage, this involved digging to a depth of approximately 300mm around the orchid and removing as a clump of soil and grass.

The removed sections of turf were then relocated either further along the verge closer to Stanks Island or to the wildflower area in Warwick Cemetery on the same day to prevent any further strain to the plant.

February 2018 – tree works

Some trees have been removed to provide space for the new road alignments and so that we can provide the cycleway throughout the extent of the new scheme. We have spent some time with WCC’s Arboricultural Officer to minimise the number of trees to be removed and have discussed with him a tree replacement plan after completion of the scheme as this will better suit local needs. The Arboricultural Officer sees the scheme as an opportunity to create a better planting layout using suitable species.

The plans below show which trees and areas of vegetation are being removed, as well as areas where replanting will occur.