Bermuda Connectivity scheme update - March 2021

View the latest updates on the Bermuda Connectivity scheme as of March 2021

Bermuda Connectivity scheme update - May 2020

3 Highway Information Boards have been erected on Bermuda Road, The Bridleway and St Georges Way in Bermuda.

The boards relay that Bermuda Connectivity Pre-Arrangement Works have commenced, such as service diversion works in advance of main construction works.

General update on the Bermuda Connectivity scheme - January 2020

Procurement of the construction contract is expected to commence in the forthcoming weeks with the contract being awarded in early Spring 2020. Construction work is expected to commence during Spring 2020 with the new highway link route via Bermuda Bridge and supporting measures expected to be in operation by Spring 2021.

Side Roads Order - Stopping Up of Small Section of Public Right of Way N78 on The Bridleway to the West of Bermuda Bridge

The Secretary of State has officially signed off the Bermuda Connectivity Side Roads Order primarily focused on Stopping Up existing Public Right of Way N78 from its junction with The Bridleway / Templar Drive to Bermuda Bridge, being a distance of 162 metres. This will be replaced by a new section of highway connecting Bermuda Bridge onto The Bridleway being delivered through Bermuda Connectivity.   

In addition, existing highway on St Georges Way, the Bermuda Bridge structure, The Bridleway, Bermuda Road, Tenlons Road and Heath End Road will be subject to works as part of Bermuda Connectivity.