Arbury Estate link road proposals

The proposed Arbury Estate Link Road does not negate the need for the Bermuda Connection scheme.

Both Bermuda Connection and the proposed Estate Link Road offer network resilience, and as such would support the proposed growth linked to the Borough Plan. However, Bermuda Connection would also provide a wide range of additional strategic benefits over and above what could be provided by the proposed Arbury Estate Link Road.

Bermuda Connection is differentiated from the proposed Arbury Estate Link Road because it is a multifaceted scheme that provides a number of directly attributable strategic benefits over and above reducing journey times and addressing congestion on the A444 corridor. It would provide the community with the following highway network benefits irrespective of the proposed Arbury Estate Link Road:

  • The 2017 Nuneaton and Bedworth Wide Area traffic Model tested the removal of Bermuda Connection Scheme from the Borough Plan mitigation proposals (the proposed Arbury Link Road remained included), and the outcome was a notable increased traffic impact across the local highway network;
  • As committed rail services to Bermuda Park station increase there will be further travel demand by all modes for those wishing to access the facility, and therefore, Bermuda Connection would support further growth at the public transport interchange and encourage modal shift;
  • Enable local bus operators to more effectively serve the Bermuda residential area and Bermuda Park rail station;
  • Support potential further development in the Bermuda area;
  • Provide sustainable travel connections and links to Bermuda Park rail station, George Eliot Hospital, employment and residential sites;
  • Enhance accessibility to a wide range of local businesses at the Bermuda Park Industrial Estate, Hazell Way Industrial Estate and on Tenlons Road; and
  • Remove some HGV movements from sections of the local highway network.