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Issues and options consultation

Warwickshire County Council and key strategic partners are currently assessing all the evidence as to the current and future transport challenges on the highway network between the A46 and A45 Stonebridge Island. It will be undertaking a consultation exercise on the transport issues, and potential options for addressing them.

The project board will be in a position to set out a short list of scheme options that it believes will address the transport challenges in the area. At this stage it will be possible for local people to provide their views, based on an understanding of how they may be affected by any particular scheme option.

The project board will submit a business case for its preferred option to the Department for Transport (DfT). This business case will include both an economic and environmental assessment, along with identification of the funding required. Depending on the conclusions of the business case, and the availability of funding, the DfT may decide to provide further financial support.

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