Community Services

Community Services provide a wide range of services that protect individuals and communities from harm, that empower local communities and protect and provide access to significant elements of Warwickshire heritage.

Localities and Partnerships – Dan Green

The Localities and Partnerships Team manages projects relating to building Community Capacity and Resilience, Community Inclusion and Wellbeing, Local Partnership Working and Town/Parish Council/Third Sector Relationships.
The team is made up of Northern/Rugby and Southern area teams and a countywide projects team. Key workstreams include the management of the Warwickshire Financial Inclusion Partnership and the Advice Services contract; targeted community development work in priority neighbourhoods; management of the Councillors Grants Scheme; management of the Third Sector Infrastructure Support Services and Equalities Services contracts and the co ordination of Community Forums.

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Community Safety – Paul Hooper

The Community Safety team has responsibility for working with partners to tackle crime (including Cyber, business, rural and hate crime); anti-social behaviour; Violence Against Women and Girls and reduce the harm caused by substance misuse. The team commission drug and alcohol treatment and domestic abuse services; administer the county’s Domestic Homicide Reviews and coordinate Warwickshire’s response to the Prevent (counter terrorism) programme.

The Gypsy and Traveller Service manage three council owned traveller sites and deal with unauthorised encampments on highways and on council land. The team work to foster tolerance and understanding between the travelling and settled community as well as supporting the police and other agencies engaging with travellers.

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Youth Justice Service – Lesley Tregear

Warwickshire Youth Justice is made up of staff from various agencies, including Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire Probation Trust and Public Health, who are working together with young people, parents and families to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and to reduce reoffending. For further information please visit

Heritage and Environment – Stuart Ikeringill

Rural Services manage Warwickshire’s country parks (Kingsbury Water Park, Hartshill Hayes, Pooley, Ryton Pools and Burton Dassett Hills Country Park and greenways (former railways developed for walking, cycling and horse riding from Stratford – Long Marston, Kenilworth – Berkswell and at Offchurch). Forestry Services manage the county’s tree stocks on highways and other council land.

We include the following teams:

  • Country Parks Ranger and Reception service ensure the sites are welcoming, safe and well maintained, bailiff the fishery, take bookings and deal with retail and customer enquiries generated by over 800,00 visitors per annum.
  • Our Environmental Education service provides a tailored education programme for KS1 and 2 together with a popular programme of family and holiday events throughout the year.
  • The Business and Development team manage key development projects, and the wide range of externally commissioned services managed through leases and licences to commercial and third sector partners.
  • The Arboricultural Service undertake tree works and new planting across WCC’s estate and on highways and for a range of public and private organisations within the sub-Region, and undertake grounds maintenance for central Warwick properties.
  • The Tree Management service inspect and record condition, devise programmes of work for in house and external contractors, provide arboricultural consultancy on planning and development, tree liability, and insurance claims.
  • The Woodwork and Construction service provide tailored wooden furniture, signs, shelters and bird hides for internal and external clients.

Heritage and Culture provides a wide range of services that safeguard Warwickshire’s archives, human history and natural sciences; that protect its historic and natural environment; that provide residents and visitors with opportunities to engage with their local heritage, visitor attractions and cultural opportunities; and that support formal and lifelong learning through high quality education and events programmes.

We included the following teams:

  • The County Record Office safeguards, manages and develops Warwickshire’s archives so they can be accessed, interpreted and enjoyed by all – either in person or online. Purpose built premises provide safe and controlled accommodation for almost three miles of archives representing 900 years of Warwickshire’s history and providing information for every aspect of life and work in Warwickshire. The Record Office celebrates 80 years of service to Warwickshire in 2013-14.
  • Archaeology Warwickshire is a modern, forward thinking provider of high quality, cost effective archaeological and heritage service solutions to architects, commercial developers and other industries, throughout the Midlands. Experts in archaeological excavation historic building recording can be commissioned to deliver original and stimulating outreach and publicity, as well as strategic guidance and training for community projects throughout Warwickshire and beyond.
  • The Museum Service safeguards the county’s heritage for future generations. It works with regional partners, communities across the county and internally across the County Council to promote county heritage and culture, interpret our significant and unique collections and to make our heritage personally and virtually accessible for all.
  • Heritage Education’s main purpose is to provide access to Warwickshire heritage to schools across the county and beyond. It provides a varied programme for primary and secondary schools, allowing unique access to many historic and natural sites in Warwickshire, as well as access to the diverse collections of archives, artefacts and data across Heritage and Culture Warwickshire.
  • A key part of the work of the Learning and Community Engagement team is the development and delivery of a wide range of activities to engage sections of the community in the Heritage and Culture of Warwickshire. Drawing on the expertise and collections across the service, it provides new and exciting opportunities for groups and individuals across the county.
  • Volunteering: Heritage and Culture Warwickshire engages with a wide range of volunteers aged 15-95 across the county. They make up an increasing percentage of our workforce and have a major impact on the work we do. Over the next few years they will become even more integral to HCW as the service transforms under the Heritage Lottery ‘Our Warwickshire’ project.
  • The County Arts service initiates, supports and brokers partnerships with a wide range of arts and non-arts organisations to develop an accessible, high quality and sustainable arts infrastructure across the county, raising the profile of the arts within Warwickshire, regionally and nationally. The service ensures that the arts offer beneficial outcomes and opportunities to participate for communities across Warwickshire, including vulnerable and isolated groups.

Ecology, Historic Environment & Landscape provides advisory services to a wide range of organisations as well as individuals based on sound ecological, historical and landscape data. The statement ‘Good data with good interpretation makes for good decisions’ forms the basis of all our recommendations.

We included the following teams:

  • Ecological Services which houses the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre, provides ecological advice relating to the planning process, local authority projects and statutory decision making. It also supports local ecological recorders and has been the repository of biological data since circa. 1974.
  • Archaeology Information and Advice which houses the Historic Environment Record, provides archaeological advice relating to the planning process, local authority projects and relevant planning law, policy and guidance. It also supports local historic environment groups and holds the repository of historic environment data.
  • Landscape Services which houses the Warwickshire Landscape Character guidelines, provides landscape advice relating to the planning process, local authority projects including townscape design, planting design, school ground improvements plus landscape management. It also supports the Warwickshire Landscape Project set up in 1987. These are a set of guidelines that are designed to offer advice on maintaining diversity and beauty, to conserve the landscapes for future generations.

Trading Standards – Janet Faulkner

Trading Standards provide a holistic regulatory enforcement service protecting residents and legitimate businesses by tackling negligent, unfair and criminal trading practices. The service provides genuine local businesses with the help and advice they need to comply with Trading Standards laws, supporting economic growth. Through our intelligence led enforcement and awareness raising/advice activity, we seek to protect consumers (and especially vulnerable residents), reducing detriment and the fear of crime.

Our work includes:

  • Fair Trading – Officers investigate consumer frauds, scams and other misleading or aggressive trading practices (including cyber-crime), especially where this is targeted toward vulnerable residents. We also respond to complaints from businesses and consumers where rogue traders (for example doorstep criminals) make misleading claims about product or service quality, description or price. The service supports whole communities with initiatives such as ‘No Rogue Trader Zones’ and works with other consumer protection organisations through the Warwickshire Consumer Empowerment Partnership.
  • Food Standards – Officers investigate allegations of business carrying out food fraud and substitution of foods, sometimes by using dangerous chemicals in foodstuffs. To protect the consumer, officers will take targeted samples of food and drink that will undergo laboratory testing to ensure the public are not being misled or put at risk. Manufacturing businesses are also provided with labelling and composition advice to ensure their products legally comply.
  • Weights & Measures – Our officers check the accuracy of weighing and measuring equipment used in the county, including scales in shops, pub measures, petrol pumps and weighing equipment used by the NHS. We visit producers and importers to make sure their products contain the correct weight and that consumers are not being ripped off.
  • Product Safety – We examine and test a large range of consumer goods to make sure they meet strict safety standards. We check products like toys, cars, electrical items, upholstered furniture and cosmetics. If they fail the standards, we can take action to remove them from the marketplace. We also check that retailers are not selling unsuitable products to young people for example, tobacco, alcohol, fireworks, and petrol.
  • Animal Health & Welfare – Officers work with rural communities to ensure the welfare needs of livestock and poultry are met on holdings, in transit, at market and finally on entering the food chain. This is done through planned inspections, responding to complaints and supporting business with advice and guidance. To safeguard the rural economy and public health, we work to prevent the introduction and control the spread of contagious animal diseases, including some which may constitute a risk to human health (e.g. Anthrax, Rabies and Tuberculosis). This is done by monitoring and enforcing disease control measures on livestock holdings, on vehicles in transit, and at animal gatherings. Trading Standards Officers also carry out feed hygiene inspections, ensuring that feed fed to livestock is safe and is not in any way contaminated. This work is carried out to help safeguard the integrity of the food chain.
  • Licensing – We issue statutory licences for the storage of petroleum spirit the storage and sale of explosives (including fireworks), maintain a register of poisons sellers, maintain a register of feed hygiene businesses operating within the county and maintain a register of persons that can train & use performing animals.
  • Calibration Laboratory – We offer a wide range of services include repairs, overhauls and calibration of meters to local authorities and commercial customers from across the UK and overseas. The Service delivered is high quality, UKAS accredited and has built a positive reputation for excellence with business customers. The laboratory is also used by enforcement staff for goods testing, statutory verification and equipment calibration.
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CSW Resilience – Michael Enderby

The team prepare for and respond to emergencies by mitigating actual or emerging risks to build community and environmental resilience.

The team work with a range of community and voluntary groups as well as internally within the council to ensure we are able to respond 24/7 to emergencies or incident. The team warn and inform the community and give advice with guidance through co-operation with Multi‐agency partners.

Work includes developing and improving emergency plans and business continuity arrangements, effectively responding to any incidents, and developing the capability of those involved in our response. Business continuity is part of the teams remit, this is ensuring our most critical activities continue to deliver the service to the public or partners.

Waste Management – Glenn Fleet

Responsible for the disposal of all municipal waste collected by the district and borough councils, to reduce the quantity of biodegradable waste sent to landfill, to work towards targets for minimising waste, increasing recycling and composting and to provide Household Waste Recycling Centres. For further information please visit out waste pages

Resources – Liz Firmstone

Provides support services for the Communities Group as a whole, including information governance and security; coordination of Freedom of Information requests; data protection; support and advice on complaints management; library and information facilities; advice on equalities issues; co-ordination of office environment matters, including office moves, minor repairs and maintenance; admin support including post, stationery and pool cars.