Lists, data and information

Lists and Data

  • Services’ lists and data

    Lists and data for our services, including fire stations, landfill information and speed camera data.

  • Access to information

    We seek to meet our obligations in law and in spirit and to achieve an appropriate balance between the Council’s resources, confidentiality, other peoples rights to privacy and the purpose for which the information is held.

  • Access to personal information and the Data Protection Act

    Information on your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, how quickly we must respond to you, and details of how you can contact us for different types of requests.

  • Sharing your information to provide services

    Information how, on some occasions, we may share information we hold on you with partner organisations to deliver services.

  • Publication Scheme Guide

    Details of the information we regularly make available free, online unless otherwise stated, with any alternative sources. Charges may apply where a printed copy is requested.

  • Freedom of Information

    Information on the Freedom of Information Act, how it extends your rights to access data held by public authorities, and how to request data from us.

  • Charges for supplying information

    Policy for charging for supplying information

  • Full privacy notice

    We are registered as a ‘data controller’ under the Data Protection Act as we collect and process personal information about you.

  • Web map and GIS services

    Experienced GIS users can access a number of new services and geographic data, in a number of formats.

  • Property lists and maps

    List and data of Freehold properties across Warwickshire.

  • Environmental Information Regulations

    Information on the rights you have to ask for environmental information under the regulations, how quickly we must respond to you, and how to begin the process if you want to make a request.

  • Definitive map modification orders

    The register of applications for definitive map modification orders (DMMO) lists all applications submitted to the County Council where the appropriate legal notices have been served and displayed.

  • Members allowances

    Shows the allowances paid to elected members of the County Council and co-opted members in the year 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011.

  • Open Data

    Providing access to public data in Warwickshire.

Lists, data and information was last updated on February 12, 2015.