Refit framework for libraries across England and Wales

Save time and money with Warwickshire’s library refit framework.

Our innovative library refit framework is available to all Local Authorities across England and Wales.

Reductions in staff capacity and limited resources mean that procurement processes can be challenging and take time (normally around 6 months). Here in Warwickshire we’ve done the legwork for you with a ready to use framework of three specialist suppliers covering all aspects of Library design and refit. This means you can save time and money, whether you are ordering furniture or remodelling your entire network of branches.

Fully compliant with EU procurement regulations, the service has been developed by library, procurement and legal professionals to help you every step of the way – from the initial concept to call-off Contract award.

The suppliers

The framework offers a choice of three leading suppliers who have been selected to offer value for money, quality and choice throughout the process – from design, to refit to aftercare. The services offered specifically recognise the needs of library customers as well as the increased demand for flexible spaces that deliver a range of services and attract new audiences.

The three suppliers are:

Gallery – design examples

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For a specific library refit or a programme of library refits, you have the flexibility to pick and choose from:

  • Design of new internal library layout with an innovative design solution
  • Supply of goods, i.e. furniture and fittings, etc
  • Installation of goods
  • Advice on signage and graphics for refitted library
  • After sales support
  • Training on the use of supplied goods, where necessary.

You can also choose the best way to pay for accessing the framework. You may opt to pay just 1.5%* of the contract value on a one-off library refit project, or £2,500** to use the framework up to twelve times over four years to suit your service over a longer period.

For further information on the access agreement and the framework user guide please contact us.

* Prices are plus VAT
** The framework contract term is four years, until 31 August 2020.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages / benefits of using the WCC Libraries Refit Framework 

The Framework has been designed by library, procurement and legal professionals and is fully compliant with EU procurement regulations.  It offers a choice of three leading, innovative suppliers who have been selected to offer value for money, quality and choice.  There is a reduction in the length of time taken to procure services as the suppliers are all set up ready for call off. This saves costs, time and resources as there is no need to:

  • go out to tender;
  • assess tender bids;
  • no standstill period;
  • all legal checks have been carried out with the suppliers.

All of the lengthy procurement process has already been done for you so that you can get straight into the design elements or placing orders.

Further advantages include:

  • saving public money
  • ability to focus time and effort on the design/refit elements and getting the job done!

How does the process work?

You will need to sign up to the Framework Agreement using the ‘Customer Access Agreement’ in the WCC Library Refit Framework – User Guide’. This may already have been sent out to you with an initial enquiry. If not, a copy can be sent to you.
You can choose how you want to pay for accessing the Framework:

  •  elect to pay a one-off fee of £2,500 for 12 call-offs from the framework or;
  •  1.5% of total value of the given call off, (provided the given call off contract is equal to or exceeds £6,000)

You will need to write your specification for the project.

You have the advantage of managing the level of competition you require for the project. You can contact either one or all suppliers on the Framework:

  • Direct award to one supplier – the criteria here is that the supplier has to have carried out a refit or supplied goods or services in that authority in the last two years (Aesthetic continuity). If this is not the case then a direct award cannot be made.
  • Mini-competition – invite all suppliers to bid. The mini-competition will not reach EU legislation thresholds; provides the opportunity for all three suppliers to bid for the work and is light touch in terms of the usual procurement process. You will need to work within your own procurement thresholds.

All suppliers are entered onto the WCC e-procurement system but authorities can use their own, as most operate in a similar way. Using your own e-procurement system is a great advantage and the suppliers are used to using the system too.

You can then work directly with the supplier of your choice using your own brief. The agreement is solely between your authority and your chosen supplier.

What is the minimum value of contract that can be placed to enable the 1.5% per call off contract payment option to be used?

The 1.5% per call off contract can be paid, provided the total price payable to the supplier under the given call off contract, is equal to or exceeds £6,000. The percentage is applied to the total value of the given call off contract.

How were the Framework Suppliers chosen?

A robust ‘mock’ tender process was conducted with at least seven suppliers taking part. All suppliers were given a ‘Scenario Library Specification. This was based on a real life WCC Library and the specification followed the format of the General Specification – Framework for provision of Library Re-fit Works, Goods and Services. It was made clear that this would not go out to full tender and that this was a mock exercise.
The tenders were marked against a set of criteria which included:

  • creativity;
  • understanding of the service;
  • ‘whole package’ approach;
  • working relationship.

The suppliers were also given the opportunity to demonstrate their capability using images, designs, and 3D graphics together with a face-to-face presentation to clarify any issues and to develop the ideas.  From the original seven suppliers, three were selected to go forward onto the Framework.

Has WCC used the framework?

Yes. WCC are actively using the Framework. Stratford Library is undergoing a refurbishment with one of the suppliers albeit pre-Framework (Opening the Book).

Plans are also underway to call off from the Framework for two specific library projects in the near future.

The intention is for libraries in WCC to have their own look and feel, to be developed in different ways according to local needs, and to use whichever supplier will best deliver this.

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options:

  • A single payment of £2,500 + VAT  – entitles you to up to twelve call offs under the Refit Framework Agreement. Payment is due within 30 days of the date of receipt of the signed Customer Access Agreement.
  • 1.5% + VAT per call off contract – this percentage being applied to the total value of the given call off contract. (The total price payable to the supplier under the given call off contract is equal to or exceeds £6,000). Payment is due within 30 days of the given call off contract being entered into.

If we choose the £2,500 payment for 12 call offs, what counts as one call off and what counts as multiple call offs?

One call off – If design/supply is put through one supplier for one individual library/location/project or order for equipment, to a single specification, this would count as one call off.

Multiple call offs – Design/supply for several different library projects, in separate locations, with separate specifications or orders placed with a number of different suppliers. Each one would be treated as a separate call off.

I can see that there are KPIs written into the Framework linked to the retention policy. What do the KPIs measure? Can we substitute our own KPIs?

Yes, authorities can substitute their own KPIs but all of the hard work has been done to ensure that the KPIs ensure that the final product is ‘fit for purpose’ and has satisfied the original brief.

The KPIs measure the overall success of the project from the perspectives of the client team e.g. progress of the project, communication etc., the Library staff and other stakeholders and customers using the refurbished facility. 2% of the contract sum will be withheld in each of these 3 categories. (A total of 6% of the overall contract sum).

How long will suppliers stay on the Framework?

The contracts with the three suppliers currently on the Framework will run until 2020.

What is the time limit for an authority to make their 12 call-offs?

The framework runs until 2020 with the three suppliers, so it would be up until 2020 or until 12 call-offs are made.

Have any other authorities signed up to the Framework?

Yes. Three local authorities have already signed up to the Framework Agreement – Oxfordshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire.

How soon after signing the agreement can we start to use the Framework?

As soon as your payment has been processed and a copy of your signed Customer Access Agreement has been returned to you signed off by WCC. We will also notify the suppliers that you can now use the Framework.

Refit framework for libraries across England and Wales was last updated on May 19, 2017.