Just drive

A life saver or dangerous weapon?

Mobile phones, especially Smartphones are an important part of our everyday lives. From checking for latest updates, football, shopping to keeping up with the latest gossip from friends it’s hard to know how we would survive without them. Even when driving they can be a lifesaver if you breakdown, involved in an collision or even for navigation.

However, there are times when you wouldn’t dream of using a phone such as playing sport, reading a book or operating machinery. It’s not different when driving.

Despite recent legislation, too many individuals are using their mobile phones whilst driving to text or access apps. The ability to react quickly in an emergency is likely to be profoundly affected. Crashes caused by mobile phones use are completely avoidable – so make the right call, KEEP SAFE COVER UP don’t use your phone and drive.

Using a Smart Phone whilst driving – things you need to know

  • It is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst operating a car if the keys are in the ignition
  • It’s almost impossible to concentrate on more the one thing at a time
  • You can’t use a hand held phone whilst supervising a learner driver
  • You can use your phone to call 999 or 112 if the vehicle is moving or stuck in traffic
  • Talking on the phone is not the same as talking to a passenger who can assess whether it is safe to interact with you
  • Text or update? A second’s distraction is enough to have a significant impact on your driving
  • Nothing notifying you on your phone is worth risking your own life and the lives of those around you.