Integrated Risk Management Plan

This plan sets out the vision for the Authority over the next three years and recognises the significant changes the Authority has already made during the period of the previous Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).

Whilst Warwickshire remains a safe place to live and work we cannot be complacent. As a fire and rescue service we are continually evolving, and the way we operate will look and feel different in the future as we become more innovative in the way we use new technology, deploy our resources to meet new and emerging risks and continue to revise shift and crewing arrangements.

This IRMP will identify and assess fire and rescue related risks that could affect the communities of Warwickshire, and those of a cross border, multi authority or national nature.

So far through our Service Improvement Programme and Warwickshire County Council’s One Organisational Plan, we have managed to reform the way in which we deliver a cost effective, fit for purpose service.

As we look forward to the next three years we have to be realistic with Warwickshire residents about the financial challenges that lie ahead, and communicate clearly the impact these may have on the services we provide.

Integrated Risk Management Plan was last updated on July 24, 2017.